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Better Botanicals

At Better Botanicals, our goal is to provide the purest herbal skin care possible. Our products are based on Ayurveda and we use no synthetic colors or fragrances, no alcohol, no “bandwagon” ingredients, mineral oil or animal ingredients. We test only on happy, human volunteers. We are committed to providing these products at a price point affordable to more people. Touchstones members save 25%.

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Website: http://www.betterbotanicals.com

Patricia Tedeschi, Owner

Bio: Balance is when many component parts come together to create a harmonious state of mind, body and soul. The concept of balance is important in every aspect of our lives, particularly skincare. Ayurveda is the pursuit of balance–and a life of balance has no painful extremes, and little fragmentation. Ayurveda sets extremely high standards, because its basic view of health and its concept of “natural” are at once more encompassing and more refined. Better Botanicals is committed to this standard of skin care.

Ayurveda changed my life, shifting it toward yoga, meditation, and a more conscious awareness of life and the part I am meant to play. After adopting this outlook, it was no surprise when I had a serendipitous opportunity to become a co-owner of Better Botanicals. What a synergy between what is important to me and the opportunity to share these wonderful products with other people. And in this way, my desire led to balance in my own life!

Earth Diva Cosmetics

Earth Diva Cosmetics is an exclusive line of 100% mineral makeup and vegan, cruelty free cosmetic brushes. We offer a large selection of bare mineral makeup: loose mineral foundation, bronzer, setting powder, blush and eyeshadow. Touchstones members save 25%. Simply enter the members-only discount code into the Paypal merchant instruction area during checkout - you will receive a refund for the discount amount within one business day.

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Website: http://www.earthdivacosmetics.com

Rachel Alston, Owner

Bio: Growing up in a family business, I've always aspired to start my own company.  I had the professional experience, but didn't know what to focus on.  I wanted to develop a business with a mission that I truly believed in.  As a health and budget conscious woman, I've always been appalled by the 'poisonous' beauty products on the market (not to mention their outrageously high cost).  This is how Earth Diva Cosmetics was created.  My simple mission is to provide my customers with a healthy, affordable, earth friendly alternative to traditional makeup products. I want women to be themselves - naturally beautiful.

For the Love of Wood Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture, Altars and Meditation Benches
Every day we see mass produced furniture, made to last only years. Even the "artisan" created furniture crafted with expensive machinery is often designed for quick profit and fast output. This lack of personal touch and true working of the piece dulls the heart within the wood and thus the art within the final product. Structurally perfect, however empty of energy, grace and spirit. I believe trees have an extraordinary inner core as complex and beautiful as any living being. In fact, they give us life, a true Mother. I try to uncover this wonderful essence in both my woodworking and in myself. Touchstones members save 25%.

To order 50% off items, call Eileen Walsh Designs at 415-596-2655 or email eileen@fortheloveofwood.com

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Website: http://fortheloveofwood.com

Eileen Walsh, Owner

Bio: My formal education is in psychiatric occupational therapy and after working for many years developing and managing mental health programs I turned my attention to the design and fabrication of furniture. I grew up in San Francisco and now work in my Bay Area studio. I love the process of designing in wood and uncovering the beauty that lies beneath the bark. Seeing a piece unveil it's beauty is always like unwrapping a very special gift.

Green Ostrich

Green Ostrich is an online store dedicated to helping individuals make a choice, not a sacrifice.  We offer green gifts and green gifts to enable the consumer movement that requires environmentally-sound solutions for our daily lives.   We help individuals live well and refresh the Earth. Touchstones members save 10%.

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Website: http://www.greenostrich.com/greengifts

Caroline Villella, Owner

Bio: Green Ostrich was inspired by the following observation: the energy-intensive retail stores that we frequent do not offer many Earth-friendly, green products. That, and I was spending a lot of time and energy driving in our car to and from these stores. So, I decided to create an online store dedicated to Earth-friendly, green products to spark a consumer movement that requires environmentally-sound solutions for our lives. At Green Ostrich we help people make changes, not sacrifices. The power to make change rests with the individual consumer. We help them live well and refresh the Earth.

Kim Rosen

Combining her devotion to poetry with her background as a spiritual teacher and therapist, she gives workshops, trainings and “Poetry Concerts” throughout the world. For more information as well as upcoming dates of workshops and other events, visit Kim's website, www.kimrosen.net. Email info@kimrosen.net to register.

Touchstones members save 25% on an introductory private session on the transformational power of poetry and 25% off of a one-day "Saved by a Poem" Workshop. 

Other products available from Kim Rosen

Saved by a Poem: The Transformative Power of Words by Kim Rosen

Only Breath: A CD of Mystical Poetry and Music by Kim Rosen and Jami Sieber

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Website: http://www.kimrosen.net

Kim Rosen, Owner

Bio: Kim Rosen, MFA, has touched listeners worldwide with poetry’s power to awaken, inspire and heal. She is the author of Saved by a Poem: The Transformative Power of Words, and the co-creator of 4 CDs of spoken poetry and music. Contact Kim at info@kimrosen.net.

Laurel Lyons

Laurel is in private practice in Ventura, CA  and offers workshops training and classesShe offers phone sessions for intuitive counsel, spiritual mentoring, dream counsel and dream interpretation, and intention setting. Touchstones members save 25%.

Healing Support Sessions
Reiki Usui & Karuna - Healing Support; Reiki (healing support) w/ Intuitive Counsel; and Couples Reiki

Reiki Training and Certification
Reiki Level I -  Self Healing Level - Group Training; Reiki Level I - Private Classes (one on one for your comfort); Reiki Level II - Practitioner's Level; Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Training; and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher Training

Other Workshops, Classes and Trainings - updated as scheduled

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Website: http://www.laurellyons.com

Services: http://www.laurellyons.com/13901/index.html

Calendar: http://www.laurellyons.com/14301/index.html

Laurel Lyons, Owner

Bio: Laurel Lyons is a woman who appreciates sacred life energy. She has offered intuitive counsel and healing support for over 15 years. Laurel has been a Certified Usui Reiki Master - Practitioner & Teacher for 10 years and she has also received her certification in Karuna Reiki® in 2010.  Laurel has a deep and well centered understanding of the Spirit to Human, Human Self to Higher Self and the Human to Human energy exchange since early in her childhood.  She holds a solid connection to the Physical/Spirit/Soul body of an individual for both the subtle and great healing potential that is available.

LD Global Concepts

LD Global Concepts is my new, woman owned company, and mother to www.polypolly.com . We are proud of our, made in the USA, recycled plastic (poly lumber) bird feeders, bird houses, and patio furniture. We also carry a full line of solar birdbaths, fountains and accessories . We are dedicated to providing high quality green (eco-friendly) products to everyone. And, we are looking forward to all of the strides that people and business need to take to ensure a safe and healthy planet for the future.

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Poly Polly: www.polypolly.com

Lisa Dorsel, Owner


We are a world full of intelligent and innovative people with the capacity to do great things. And, now we have the knowledge that we need to take drastic and very quick steps to mend the damage we have caused to the one thing that sustains our life on earth…the earth. We would like to challenge each of you to make the commitment and take every step within your reach, no matter how small, to help in providing a greener and healthier tomorrow.

RECYCLE, REUSE, and REFUSE to buy products that are not environmentally friendly. And, thank-you for joining the ranks of a consumer who can make a difference. To bird lovers everywhere, with an eco-friendly conscience, we hope you will visit www.polypolly.com and then revel in your intelligent and innovative product.

Lotus Wei

Lotus Wei products are infused with special ingredients that enhance state of mind, called flower elixirs, or flower essences. Flower elixirs have no scent, and work through the acupuncture meridians of the body. Flower elixirs taken internally or applied externally enhance state of mind both instantaneously, as well as exponentially over time. Hand-collected from special organic gardens and wild areas, special care is taken to provide you with the purest, highest integrity elixirs from nature's most beautiful and needed flowers.Touchstones members save 25%. Call (602) 606.2212 to place discounted order. Online discount ordering coming soon!

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Website: http://www.lotuswei.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lotuswei

Katie Hess, Owner

Bio: Lotus Wei Founder and Formulator, Katie Hess, has spent a lifetime cultivating her expertise as an organic alchemist, and sourcing flower essences from around the world. Having witnessed countless inspiring transformations in her one-on-one consulting practice, Katie took her expertise with natural health and flower essences in a new direction and now her company, Lotus Wei, incorporates energetic infusions of flowers into a variety of media that transform daily life into a vehicle for profound awakening.

Mickie Bellah

The soft lines in my work are an invitation to explore the hidden images, feel the energy and absorb the Beauty and Love of God in each piece. The painting, Blue 22, to me, represents me with eyes to Heaven shouting with joy and gratitude for this amazing opportunity to do what I love most. Touchstones members save 25% on all of the following offerings:

  • Astrology Birth Paintings
  • All Surrealistic Abstract paintings
  • All Luminescence Series paintings
  • All prints ... Zodiac series, "Skyfire" and "Serenity"
  • Note cards ... Zodiac individual and boxed sets of 12 (1 of each sign)

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Website: http://www.MickieBellahArt.com

Mickie Bellah, Owner

Bio: It has been an amazing journey to reach the place I am today ... from dropping out of high school art class to completing the Famous Artists Correspondence course to owning and running a business for 20 years ... I have finally arrived doing what I love doing ... being the conduit through which Spirit creates amazing non-traditional abstract paintings.

Natural Clothing Company

Natural Clothing Company specializes in specializing in natural fiber organic clothing and accessories. Fibers like hemp, organic cotton, bamboo are grown and processed without the use of pesticides or toxins. Wearing organic clothing we are kind to the skin, our body’s largest organ but also in sync with the planet at the same time! Touchstones members save 25% on all women's clothing.

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Website: http://www.NaturalClothingCompany.com

Blog: http://www.NaturalClothingBlog.com

Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/NaturalClothingCo

Alina, Owner

Bio: Several years ago my son got diagnosed with serious health problem. It was my last day as an employee. We did whatever we could: we moved out of town, started organic gardens and spent days and nights on health research. It was disheartening to confront the effects of toxins in our lives, our food and the condition of the environment that our children are inheriting. My research opened the door to meeting a lot of caring people, especially women who are doing so much - helping their families, neighborhoods and our planet. Lots of inspirational stories and examples to follow. Eating organic food, living close to nature lead me to my business: Natural Clothing Company.

Organic Bug

Through the offering of a wide variety of quality contemporary eco-friendly, fair trade and natural wellness products, we invite individuals to use their purchasing power as a vote for personal, social and environmental change, while delivering an incredibly interesting and informative one-stop shopping experience for today's busy consumer. Touchstones members save 25%. (discount does not apply to products by Truly Wize Bakery).

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Website: http://www.organicbug.com

Peggy English, Owner

Bio: Inspired by the beauty of the natural world and committed to the health of the environment, my sister, Patty, and I were determined to find a way to encourage people to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We launched OrganicBug.com, an eco-store for conscious consumers that provides a venue for artists, individuals and companies devoted to bringing about awareness and change for personal well-being, social justice and a sustainable future. Researching and reviewing green products to offer on Organic Bug fuels my optimism about the future as I meet the many wonderful people whose ideas change our world for the better. It is from this platform that I draw the inspiration to believe in myself and trust in the power of the universe to guide me along the sometimes rocky road to success.

Sacred Circle Art

As a visionary artist, I am delighted to offer my services to create a unique personal mandala for you.  Based on information received from you and through my intuition and meditation, I will create a one-of-a-kind mandala painting that will resonate with you on a soul level and aid you on your own spiritual journey. Touchstones members save 25% on a Personal Mandala or Personal Mandala Gift Certificates - visit the Product Catalog page and place your order by clicking on the "Buy Now- For TOS Members Only" button.

Website: http://www.sacredcircleart.com

Product Catalog: http://www.sacredcircleart.com/catalog

Eileen Bradley, Owner

Bio: When I created my company, Sacred Circles, I did so to share my mandalas with others and to make them accessible to everyone.  The main focus of my business has turned out to be creating personal mandalas for individuals - something I love doing.  The success of my business has come in the joy and delight brought to those I have created mandalas for.  It has been a most rewarding experience and continues to feed my creativity, and my soul.  What I do as an artist and as a business woman is truly my life’s work. For more information on commissioning a personal mandala painting, please contact me at eileen@sacredcircleart.com.


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