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Laurel Lyons

Laurel is in private practice in Ventura, CA  and offers workshops training and classesShe offers phone sessions for intuitive counsel, spiritual mentoring, dream counsel and dream interpretation, and intention setting. Touchstones members save 25%.

Healing Support Sessions
Reiki Usui & Karuna - Healing Support; Reiki (healing support) w/ Intuitive Counsel; and Couples Reiki

Reiki Training and Certification
Reiki Level I -  Self Healing Level - Group Training; Reiki Level I - Private Classes (one on one for your comfort); Reiki Level II - Practitioner's Level; Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Training; and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher Training

Other Workshops, Classes and Trainings - updated as scheduled

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Website: http://www.laurellyons.com

Services: http://www.laurellyons.com/13901/index.html

Calendar: http://www.laurellyons.com/14301/index.html

Laurel Lyons, Owner

Bio: Laurel Lyons is a woman who appreciates sacred life energy. She has offered intuitive counsel and healing support for over 15 years. Laurel has been a Certified Usui Reiki Master - Practitioner & Teacher for 10 years and she has also received her certification in Karuna ReikiĀ® in 2010.  Laurel has a deep and well centered understanding of the Spirit to Human, Human Self to Higher Self and the Human to Human energy exchange since early in her childhood.  She holds a solid connection to the Physical/Spirit/Soul body of an individual for both the subtle and great healing potential that is available.


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