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Better Botanicals

At Better Botanicals, our goal is to provide the purest herbal skin care possible. Our products are based on Ayurveda and we use no synthetic colors or fragrances, no alcohol, no “bandwagon” ingredients, mineral oil or animal ingredients. We test only on happy, human volunteers. We are committed to providing these products at a price point affordable to more people. Touchstones members save 25%.

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Website: http://www.betterbotanicals.com

Patricia Tedeschi, Owner

Bio: Balance is when many component parts come together to create a harmonious state of mind, body and soul. The concept of balance is important in every aspect of our lives, particularly skincare. Ayurveda is the pursuit of balance–and a life of balance has no painful extremes, and little fragmentation. Ayurveda sets extremely high standards, because its basic view of health and its concept of “natural” are at once more encompassing and more refined. Better Botanicals is committed to this standard of skin care.

Ayurveda changed my life, shifting it toward yoga, meditation, and a more conscious awareness of life and the part I am meant to play. After adopting this outlook, it was no surprise when I had a serendipitous opportunity to become a co-owner of Better Botanicals. What a synergy between what is important to me and the opportunity to share these wonderful products with other people. And in this way, my desire led to balance in my own life!


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