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LD Global Concepts

LD Global Concepts is my new, woman owned company, and mother to www.polypolly.com . We are proud of our, made in the USA, recycled plastic (poly lumber) bird feeders, bird houses, and patio furniture. We also carry a full line of solar birdbaths, fountains and accessories . We are dedicated to providing high quality green (eco-friendly) products to everyone. And, we are looking forward to all of the strides that people and business need to take to ensure a safe and healthy planet for the future.

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Poly Polly: www.polypolly.com

Lisa Dorsel, Owner


We are a world full of intelligent and innovative people with the capacity to do great things. And, now we have the knowledge that we need to take drastic and very quick steps to mend the damage we have caused to the one thing that sustains our life on earth…the earth. We would like to challenge each of you to make the commitment and take every step within your reach, no matter how small, to help in providing a greener and healthier tomorrow.

RECYCLE, REUSE, and REFUSE to buy products that are not environmentally friendly. And, thank-you for joining the ranks of a consumer who can make a difference. To bird lovers everywhere, with an eco-friendly conscience, we hope you will visit www.polypolly.com and then revel in your intelligent and innovative product.


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