Values, Principles, and Living with Intention

October 09, 2009 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my values and principles, and how consciousness of them is essential to living with intention. Several things have sparked and sustained this extended meditation and I know all originate with now being the right time for me to explore this. I’m reveling in the synchronicity of thoughts and experiences coming into my life, which give me regular opportunities to explore this theme. One sparking event was a comment from one of our blog readers. Writing about her participation in the ME2 Challenge, she says “it is an opportunity for me to see my principles in action“. I absolutely love how she put that!


As we grow and change throughout our lifetimes, our values may shift yet our principles tend to be more fixed, as they are fundamental truths that serve as the foundation for our beliefs, behavior and chain of reasoning. You might even say they are the fundamental qualities of our true selves or manifestations of our very essence. This then brings me back to our readers? comment and the idea that our principles are a direct connection to the sacred. And this connection is the ultimate aim of the ME2 Challenge: by taking care of your body, mind and spirit, you affirm the sacredness of your being, which is the source of generosity, love and compassion.

Throughout our lives we might also go through a period of time where we re-examine everything we think and believe, values, principles, all of it. This can happen at 30 or at 60 and I suspect that many of us drawn to the Touchstones of the Sacred community have, or are now experiencing something like this. As the motto on the Touchstones homepage says: we are all seekers of peace, love, meaning and joy. And we know that this type of equanimity and fulfillment comes from living life with intention and in sacred connection.

So perhaps ask yourself:

  • what are my values?
  • what are my principles?
  • how do they influence one another? And,
  • what would my life look like if each day, each decision was an opportunity to see my principles in action?

~ Matsya Siosal

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