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Standing in the hot gym was routine to me. I have been doing gymnastics for all my life. The only problem was that, being on vacation in Florida, I wasn’t in my gym. I actually enjoyed the experience with the new team, but over all, I have to give it to the coach, Ashley. Ashley had long curly hair, black as night, and brown sparkly eyes that smiled whenever Ashley did.

She was nice and I liked her except in this one situation in which all good thoughts toward her were erased as she stood in the middle of the worn gray-blue floor, beckoning me to my doom. “Its one skill,” she shouted from the middle of the floor. She was wrong in that retort, dead wrong. A round-off back handspring back tuck was not just one skill! For me, it was a death trap! A waiting nightmare!

I nodded one sharp, stiff nod trying not to let the fear get to me, trying to keep the ‘scared stiff’ expression from showing. I could tell from Ashley’s face that it wasn’t working. “Can’t you just spot me once more, please?” I had intended my voice to be demanding, but it broke twice. “Stupid-hot-Florida’s-only-non-air-conditioned-gym that ,of course, I end up going to,” I muttered.

I ran forward, doing the easy round-off back handspring, but not doing the tuck. I just couldn’t do it! “Urg! It’s not working,” I yelled to Ashley. I could feel the tears coming. She put one hand on the small of my back and pulled me into an awkward embrace. “I had trouble with this too, but do you know what helped me,” she asked. No, I thought, of course I didn’t know what helped her! I shrugged, using it as an excuse to get out of the hug and not wanting to speak, knowing I was still in danger of crying. Ashley said, “I remembered a little saying my coach used to tell me, “this is a skill, it is not a trick.” You can do it. I believe in you. Now go—and I’ll spot you. She heaved a sigh of frustration.

Back in the corner of the floor, I looked at Ashley once more. She was standing there ready to spot. I ran, doing the full pass, then, on the tuck, I heaved myself into the air, only to land and realize that Ashley was no longer standing where she had been. Applause came from the opposite side of the gym where Ashley stood with her team.

I took a second pondering that. Many emotions filled my head. Annoyance, anger and betrayal, because she had left me alone when I had trusted her, then, suddenly, I was full of happiness. I had done it by myself! A huge smile lit up my face. “Good,” Ashley said trying to contain her enthusiasm. “Ten more.” She commanded. Now if she asked that of me three minutes earlier, I would have passed out. “No prob coach,” I gleefully responded. I had this in the bag now.



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  1. Sami, you are so awesome, so wise and so adorable. Your words inspire me, a 60 year old!!


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