Tomorrow I Go On Medicare With More Than 10,000 Other Baby Boomers!

April 30, 2012 By: celedra Category: Aging With Grace and Glory, Mind Body Spirit

Ease, Grace, Laughter & Joy

Can you believe that this turnover is going to keep happening EVERY day for the next 19th years? This timed acceptance into one of our government’s most generous clubs would seemingly have me filled with the hard facts of old age. But, alas, I am absolutely delighted to give up my medical savings plan with it’s $2500 deductible and payments of approximately $400/month, for a $99 a month payment to Medicare and $39/month to Kaiser, which, in case you didn’t know, received the ONLY 5 stare rating from Social Security.

So, what does all this have to do with Touchstones of the Sacred? Turning 65, which actually doesn’t happen for me until June 1st, feels like a cultural initiation into the last third of life. Last time I wrote about taking this marker of time as preparation for death. Inspired by our interview with Margueritte, I have started taking Qigong and have increased my meditation practice. I am committed to a life of ease, grace, laughter and joy¬†and plan to write this commitment along our hallway in large sprawling letters. The older I get, the more I know this is a choice.

The wise women we interview with Aging With Grace and Glory live this choice through the foundation of their spirituality. The many Tibetan Lamas I’ve met though the last 20 years live this choice through the foundation of their spirituality. My mother lived it through the choice of her spirituality. All different, all the same. Right now, I am deeply grateful for my health, my strong body (which just ran 12 miles with my daughter in preparation for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon) and all the immense love I have in my life. Oh, and FINALLY not being ashamed of my age!


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2 Comments to “Tomorrow I Go On Medicare With More Than 10,000 Other Baby Boomers!”

  1. Celedra: This is a brilliant article and goes hand in hand with my newsletter this month on beauty and aging. I love holding the knowing that the best is yet to come! Aging isn’t something to dread but to embrace with gusto!

    My love to you and for all the you contribute to life! With love and gusto, Rachelle

  2. Celedra: The brilliance in you is your excitement about these aging birthdays. I have been pushing into my birthdays with great pride, commenting “I’m going on 70″ when I still have a year and a half to go. Like kids… they always push toward the half year mark, “I’m six and a half” they brag with toothless smiles! I brag with you and so far Medicare is great! I love you great sister, Caroline


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