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Our malas on the altar, blessings in our hearts

Saying Good-by

The only thing that keeps nagging at me is the weather. The thought of going down that mountain makes me want to throw up. But perhaps a worse thought is that the rain won’t stop and we will be stuck up here for days or weeks. Nema told us on the way up that he was stuck in a village home for 20 days once on he way home.

It is still cloudy and raining as we go to bed. Jeffrey, Nema and Mr. Jain all have jobs to get back to soon. Again, I feel this overwhelming sense of responsibility and I pray nothing happens to Mr. Jain’s car.

The next morning, after again meeting with Rinpoche, I announce to the guys that our work is complete and that we can leave whenever it is safe. Because it is so cloudy and raining outside, I am assuming that means in a day or two. God willing!

Early afternoon. I lay down on my cot for a nap. Something inside of me is just beginning to let go of all that I’ve been holding. I am so tired suddenly. As I begin to drift off, I pray for sun. The one great thing about the sun here is that the elevation is so high; the intense heat dries things up very quickly. Just a bit of sun – please.

Next thing I know, Jeffrey is whispering in my ear. “Wake up. It is time to go”. What? The sun has come out, the car is completely packed and, best of all, and we are going to try a different road. I didn’t even know there are two roads! Tashi and I go to say good-by to Rinpoche. Tashi asks him about the road and Rinpoche says, yes, it is best to take this other road. Tashi and I walk down the hill filled with great joy, katas from Rinpoche, packages of blessed herbs and Rinpoche’s blessing for our journey.

The beautiful Tara Malas that Tashi’s wife and cousin made are on the altar in the prayer room and all the arrangements have been made for this project to continue to thrive and benefit everyone involved here. Everything has turned out even better than I ever dreamed it could have and I feel a deep sense of gratitude and fulfillment. I know that, no matter what, everything will be OK now.


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