Take a moment. Change your life!

January 15, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Conscious Livelihood, Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit

My commitment to living mindfully and with intention has brought about tremendous transformation including the key to relief from an overwhelming sense of being rushed. For too long I was consumed by the sickening crush of too much to do, too little time to even breathe, let alone tend to the enigmatic needs of my soul.  When I decided to leave the regular 8-5 world I sought to create a new way of relating to time in my work. I knew there was a different way to approach getting things done that would be far more efficient, not to mention enjoyable.

The single most powerful thing you can do when you are overwhelmed and consumed by the rushing vibration of our modern culture is to simply STOP. It takes practice, but now I find that in just moments of stillness and breathing I am able to peel away the layers of an overwhelming feeling, regroup, and come back to the task at hand with a fresh perspective.

When I am in a rushed state I notice how I am disembodied – not breathing, disconnected – frustrated. I feel out of control, as if my to do list were in charge of me, instead of me being in charge of what I do. Disembodied. Disconnected. Out of control. With no time to stop and attend to these feelings being rushed soon becomes being crushed.

But I have a choice – we all have a choice. Coming into the moment, being here, now, holds more power than you may realize. Through practicing my commitment to intentional living – attending to the needs of my body, my mind, and my spirit – I have managed to create more space and more presence in my life while accomplishing more personally, socially and professionally than ever before. In this space, which is often just a moment or two, I can slow myself down enough to see the choices I have. Will I proceed disconnected and frustrated, or will I embody my highest principles and approach myself and others with presence and compassion?

While the hardest thing is making that first choice to STOP in the midst of panic, stress or fear, it truly is in the moments of our lives that transformation occurs. When we are able to grasp the individual beads and move them about, thoughtful and intentional, rather than seeing only the strand – each moment stuck together in a blur, we are able to take a step in a new direction; toward peace, strength, beauty and joy. Take a moment, as often as possible to connect to that, your truest essence, and see how greatly your life can change!

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2 Comments to “Take a moment. Change your life!”

  1. thank you matsya, for that affirming reflection. i too am in a place
    of slowing down and be attentive to the moment.

  2. Gilles Foisy says:

    Well said, well written, and well received.
    The change you advocate, it seems to me, can come from practice.
    At first, it’s always harder. But, with time, the practice can become
    And that state of feeling, knowing, and breathing your life, is a
    natural state that we are loosing or have lost.


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