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Green Bliss Smoothie

July 28, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food


The trick to making any major change is to embrace the process and go gradually. Earlier this year I began to explore raw foods with an open-ended intention: to arrive at a way of eating that fully supported my mind, body and spirit and that left me feeling vibrant, balanced and aware. A few months in I added the intention to have a daily green smoothie. At first I would have one a few times a week, and now 7 months later I look forward to it each morning.

I love experimenting with all the beautiful superfoods out there and devour books and blogs and videos on raw foods daily. My latest favorite is something I’m calling Green Bliss. It’s the richest, loveliest emerald green and maybe it’s just my changing taste buds, but I sometimes think it’s too delicious to be a plant-powered healing potion.

This green smoothie is especially beneficial for women and is ultra-rich in key nutrients like iron, Omega fatty acids, calcium and protein, plus powerful phytonutrients that fight disease. These nutrients are also calming to the nervous system and tissues. I swear you can feel your body coming alive as you drink! Try one when stressed out, having PMS or to move past a craving. The deep level of nutrition will satisfy what your body is really asking for. You’ll find yourself alkalized and revitalized with a steady source of high-vibration energy coursing through your being. To make it simply combine all of the following ingredients in a blender and whip it up. Read more »

Power Drinks: Green Smoothies

May 14, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food


If you would have told my ten-year-old self that I would one day snack on green smoothies I’d have said “yeah right”. But a few decades later and my taste for health and vitality holds as much decision making power as less noble appetites. In pursuit of a nutritious and balancing way of eating that is also delicious, I’ve fallen in love with green smoothies. Before you too wrinkle your nose and say “yeah right” just give it a try.

Green smoothies are an especially easy and delicious way for women to consume plenty of hormone balancing cruciferous veggies each day. A bunch of kale blended with frozen blueberries, bananas and cacao powder is a treat to sip throughout the morning and by lunch you’ve already had several servings of antioxidant-rich produce without having to chew through a big bowlfull of leaves. Not that salads aren’t a pleasure to eat – but it’s great to mix it up and keep things interesting, especially when a commitment to a new, healthy habit is still setting. Read more »

Mindful Eating: The Power of Coconut

October 21, 2009 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Mind Body Spirit


You’ve probably heard the term superfood by now. If you aren’t sure exactly what it means, a superfood is a natural food regarded as especially beneficial because of its nutrient profile or its health-protecting qualities.

One superfood that has gained a lot of attention lately is coconut. Regardless of the specific diet you may observe (omnivorous, vegan or raw), the coconut is a delicious, nutritious and some say beautifying food anyone can incorporate into their diet. Consuming enough healthy fats is essential for optimum health of all body systems including brain, skin, metabolism and hormones. Healthy fats are generally more stable – which means they do not break down and release cell damaging free radicals – at high temperatures. Coconut oil (which is semi-solid to solid below 78 degrees) is one of the best, remaining stable at up to 170 degrees fahrenheit. In addition to being a delicious tropical treat, coconut is a great source of fiber, zinc, medium-chain-fatty acids and antioxidants. Read more »

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