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Hey! That is one beautiful little plant!

May 30, 2011 By: Samantha Category: Grandparenting, Mind Body Spirit


Do you want to know the most amazing words an eleven year old can hear? Those words are “Only 20 days of school left!” I heard this the other day, and flipped out. The school year has gone by so fast, and I had no idea it was almost over. I’m not saying I am sad that it’s over, I feel the opposite actually, but I feel like we had just started when it ended.

I am really looking forward to summer though, and there is no denying it. I can’t wait for our wet, gray, cold weather to magically turn into a bright warming day, where, for the first time, we actually want to be outside. I can feel it now, my memories so vivid. Sun outside my window shining on us like a giant spotlight, making everyone smile.  Smiling is the key to summer. And the flowers -  pink, blue, orange, just there for you to admire so that you can say “Hey! That is one beautiful little plant!”

Summer is really the key to happiness. It opens a warm, bright window of lunch with your parents, bike rides to cute little ice-cream shops, and not wearing anything but your new bathing suit—and still being hot! It’s the ultimate vacation where you don’t need to leave your neighborhood, so you still have your friends. And everywhere you go, you can hear the laughter.

Just a little longer….

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