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Creating a Structure of Living that Supports an Inner Life

October 30, 2011 By: Michael Nagel Category: Daily Wisdom, Mind Body Spirit

Busy Roads 150

In my work, I get to see the underbelly of our social order: the patterns of unhappiness and hardship which we suffer alone, but which are shared by others in epidemic proportions. These are the disorders of society which breed widespread personal unhappiness.

James Hillman, Jungian analyst, alludes to just such a societal disorder when he comments that one of the hardest things which he has to treat is his clients’ schedules. Hillman notes that their schedules are their defenses against change. Said another way, your personal organizer is your defense. Your to-do list is your personal tyrant. Your busyness is your soul’s captor. We haven’t the time to allow into our lives the changes that would be a salve to our souls.

Another expression of this societal disorder is a profoundly unhappy friend who regularly works 60 to 80 hour weeks. When asked why she doesn’t refuse to work such hours, she replies, “I can’t.” She’s is afraid of losing her job, although she is losing her soul. She notes her company’s informal motto is “excellence through anxiety.” I kid you not. It reminds me of another person who mentioned his company’s informal motto is “excellence through paranoia.” Read more »

Divine Nourishment as a Healing Practice – Why it is essential

August 29, 2011 By: Mary Lane Category: Mind Body Spirit


Our Mother Earth brings love to us through the food and our sensual experiences. Without this we could not have a human experience. Without the human experience, our soul could not grow and evolve.

Eating is a sacred act. Something living dies, we take it into our bodies, and it becomes part of us as we become part of it. Plant or animal, hunted, gathered, or bought in the supermarket, this exchange and balance creates the interconnectedness in the physical realm and allows the natural world to continue.

To treat the act of cooking and eating as a chore is a denigration of the love from our Mother, plants and animals. Eating is one of the most basic acts of self-nourishment and honoring of one’s life. It is a necessary step toward self-love and wholeness. When we nourish ourselves with gratitude according to deep wisdom of nature, we are returning this love and respect by honoring our life as sacred and interconnected with all there is. By nourishing ourselves nature’s way we are given a map to live by that honors and unites life, death, light, dark equally. It gives us the tools to receive the gifts of both sides to grow and evolve. Read more »

Riding the Wave of Transformation

April 22, 2011 By: Mary Lane Category: Mind Body Spirit

Surfing Wahine

Imagine yourself riding a wave. If you don’t stay balanced and ride out the wave completely, you could easily drown. Riding this wave of transformation requires becoming one with it, feeling every motion, twist and turn it takes. You have to position yourself perfectly in the sweet spot to hang on for the ride of your life. The wave gives you a memorable experience that will change you forever. You feel the thrill of merging with an awesome power.

When we merge with this wave we are given the opportunity to experience an outrageous ride that integrates life, death and transformation; cycle after cycle supporting us to live by nature’s law.

What on earth does this have to do with food? Seasonal local food grounds us and supports the balancing on this wave, which keeps us healthy. Nature nourishes us in a way that supports us to feel the sweet spot on this wave and have an incredible, transformational ride through life. We become and embody this wave of energy.

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The Story of my Protector

April 09, 2011 By: Samantha Category: Grandparenting, Mind Body Spirit


“Lay down” says the familiar, angel voice belonging to my grandmother. I obeyed, not knowing what for, but simply because I trusted her. I got into the bed that we had so many memories in and she told me to lie on my stomach. Then she put her warm hands on my back and asked me in a soft tone “Would you like to meet your guardian angel?” I excitedly answered, “Yes!” “Alright. Close your eyes,” Grandma Lala said. Again, I obeyed, but with this new excitement in me, it was an impossible task. “I want you to picture yourself in a happy place,” Lala said.

“Where are you?” she asked. “I am on the beach with mommy, daddy and Jakey. I don’t know where, but it seems familiar, and it’s very warm,” I informed her. This was one of my favorite illusions, being on the beach with my family. I can always see the water rushing up towards me, giving up and then sending more waves again to attack me. I pick up shells, running to Jake and mommy to show them off. “Good” said Lala, bringing me back to life. “I want you to look for your Guardian angel,” she announced.

I closed my eyes again, stepping into the other dimension. “This is like Alice in Wonderland,” I murmured. All of the sudden, I saw something I hadn’t noticed before. “I see it! I see it Lala!!” ”What is it? Who is it? Is it a girl or boy?” Lala asked excitedly.

I walked up to a cave on the beach. Inside, I could easily see the outline of a cat. A CAT! Its eyes were amazing. A green so bright it seemed like it would glow in the dark. It stepped out into the light. I lost my breath from its beauty. It had orange fur with an occasional white spot. Who are you? I somehow asked the cat. My name is Lyeda, and I am your protector. We’re gonna be best friends in no time! Said the sweet girley voice. I instantly felt relief. I have to go now. See ya later! I opened my eyes.

“Her name is Lyeda! She is a beautiful cat with big green eyes and fluffy orange fur.” “Congratulations!” replaid Lala! “Now you must go to sleep,” she whispered. I closed my eyes, and Lyeda appeared behind my eyelids. She sang me a lullaby and in a matter of seconds, I was asleep.

To be continued…

Getting Sick, Getting Clear and Coming Clean

April 05, 2011 By: celedra Category: Mind Body Spirit


Has anyone had this yucky chest bug? I rarely get sick so, instead of doing anything to take care of either it or myself, I just ignored it, took some ibuprofen and kept on going, convinced that this once confused Bug would soon realize that it didn’t want to live in my green smoothie superfood body and voila! be gone.

But no.

Alas, Bug does not discriminate according to food choices. So, after pushing myself for 4 days or so, I collapsed on my sofa with hot tea, a large carton of coconut water, 2 episodes of Mildred Pierce, one “I am Love” with Tilton Swinton, a bar of very dark chocolate and my knitting. Around midnight of night two – deliciously alone and hacking – I decided to clean out my book shelves.

It was revealing. Besides the three bags that are on their way to Powells Books, I noticed a pattern. My favorite and most common subects, and therefore pastimes, are gardening, creating sacred space, poetry and spirituality. But then, not a surprise, right? I even have a website called Touchstones of the Sacred, right?

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Childhood Songs

March 27, 2011 By: Chiron Armand Category: Mind Body Spirit, Uncategorized


I’m often in awe of time. It passes like a rocket and before we know it, we’re somebody else, entirely new – for the most part.

I woke up one morning a few weeks ago to find a song in my head from my childhood. This isn’t rare. I’m used to waking up to remembered music that I always assume must have been the soundtrack to a dream I may or may not recollect. As I stepped outside to take in the day, I took notice of the lyrics: “Learning to love yourself – it is the greatest love of all.” I’d sung those lyrics a thousand times at talent shows and around the house from the moment I realized I had a voice, but their profundity hit me that morning as the greatest lesson that I’ve been trying to assimilate into my life – that self-love will get me everywhere. Undoubtedly, my hardest lesson this life’s journey is to hone in on and increase love and validation for myself from myself .

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Excavate Your Inherent Perfection

September 23, 2010 By: Miranda Macpherson Category: Mantra, Malas, Meditation, Mind Body Spirit, Teachings


Your spirituality will serve either to help free you from your mistaken self-concepts or it will subtly reinforce them by deepening the notion that you must ‘become’ perfect through endless prayers, meditations and practices. The intention you give your spirituality will determine where it takes you. Direct your spirituality not to becoming something different, but to unwinding what you have assimilated that is false. Read more »

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