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June 20, 2012 By: Mary Lane Category: Awakening Feminine, Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food, Uncategorized

Pele Fire

Happy Solstice! And welcome to the fire element, and season of the yearly cycle. This element rules the heart, small intestine and sex circulation. We are collectively transforming our relationship with all three of these aspects of the fire element. In fact we are transforming our relationship with the fire element in general and maturing into a human race that is more heart centered. We are welcoming the receptive feminine principle back into our world to create the much needed balance we all long for.

So what is her role in this fire element? We have the heart which rules our passion, relationships, joy, warmth, transformation, creativity, and just plain juiciness of life that emanates care toward everything and everyone else. The heart’s partner in this is the small intestine that supports the heart by sifting through and separating the pure from the impure. It supports the heart to follow what is pure with discernment. When we walk through life with an open heart and follow it, a good companion is discernment.

Sex circulation moves our raw creative energy through the channels and supports us to create, bring into manifestation and form from the realm of the unmanifest. It supports the nourishment of all the organ systems so they are alive and healthy, contributing to the creative process. Read more »

Transforming Hatred into Compassion

January 31, 2012 By: celedra Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Touching the Sacred, Uncategorized


Almost 20 years ago now, I rented a lovely garden apartment in a wonderful home in Marin County.  In the midst of internships and work, I passionately created  my beautiful backyard garden.  Parents would walk by with their children to peer through the wooden fence in order to see the beautiful array of colors and textures.  This home nourished my soul and was a place of deep solace.  I often sat upon my eggplant colored zafu in front of my alter and soaked in the silence that was all around me.  My dear Serena was a perfect companion and was enthralled to simply lay her soft little cat belly on a fluffy bed of Lambs Ear to bask in the sun.  I loved my home.

I cannot even remember what it was that came upon my landlord, a local attorney who was known for her sharp tongue and aggressive nature, but suddenly she wanted her house back.  Because I had a lease, she couldn’t force me to leave, so instead she set her mind to get me to leave on my own accord.  My world turned upside down and I was about the receive one of my greatest teachings.

The Story of my Protector

April 09, 2011 By: Samantha Category: Grandparenting, Mind Body Spirit


“Lay down” says the familiar, angel voice belonging to my grandmother. I obeyed, not knowing what for, but simply because I trusted her. I got into the bed that we had so many memories in and she told me to lie on my stomach. Then she put her warm hands on my back and asked me in a soft tone “Would you like to meet your guardian angel?” I excitedly answered, “Yes!” “Alright. Close your eyes,” Grandma Lala said. Again, I obeyed, but with this new excitement in me, it was an impossible task. “I want you to picture yourself in a happy place,” Lala said.

“Where are you?” she asked. “I am on the beach with mommy, daddy and Jakey. I don’t know where, but it seems familiar, and it’s very warm,” I informed her. This was one of my favorite illusions, being on the beach with my family. I can always see the water rushing up towards me, giving up and then sending more waves again to attack me. I pick up shells, running to Jake and mommy to show them off. “Good” said Lala, bringing me back to life. “I want you to look for your Guardian angel,” she announced.

I closed my eyes again, stepping into the other dimension. “This is like Alice in Wonderland,” I murmured. All of the sudden, I saw something I hadn’t noticed before. “I see it! I see it Lala!!” ”What is it? Who is it? Is it a girl or boy?” Lala asked excitedly.

I walked up to a cave on the beach. Inside, I could easily see the outline of a cat. A CAT! Its eyes were amazing. A green so bright it seemed like it would glow in the dark. It stepped out into the light. I lost my breath from its beauty. It had orange fur with an occasional white spot. Who are you? I somehow asked the cat. My name is Lyeda, and I am your protector. We’re gonna be best friends in no time! Said the sweet girley voice. I instantly felt relief. I have to go now. See ya later! I opened my eyes.

“Her name is Lyeda! She is a beautiful cat with big green eyes and fluffy orange fur.” “Congratulations!” replaid Lala! “Now you must go to sleep,” she whispered. I closed my eyes, and Lyeda appeared behind my eyelids. She sang me a lullaby and in a matter of seconds, I was asleep.

To be continued…

Childhood Songs

March 27, 2011 By: Chiron Armand Category: Mind Body Spirit, Uncategorized


I’m often in awe of time. It passes like a rocket and before we know it, we’re somebody else, entirely new – for the most part.

I woke up one morning a few weeks ago to find a song in my head from my childhood. This isn’t rare. I’m used to waking up to remembered music that I always assume must have been the soundtrack to a dream I may or may not recollect. As I stepped outside to take in the day, I took notice of the lyrics: “Learning to love yourself – it is the greatest love of all.” I’d sung those lyrics a thousand times at talent shows and around the house from the moment I realized I had a voice, but their profundity hit me that morning as the greatest lesson that I’ve been trying to assimilate into my life – that self-love will get me everywhere. Undoubtedly, my hardest lesson this life’s journey is to hone in on and increase love and validation for myself from myself .

Read more »

The Blessing of Community

February 09, 2011 By: celedra Category: Mind Body Spirit, Uncategorized

Waves at Sea Ranch

It is Sunday, February 6th and I am sitting in a beautiful home at the edge of the ocean at Sea Ranch in California. The weather is spectacular. The sun is glistening on the water and sends sparkles into the foam that sprays fiercely into the air from the crashing waves.

There are 24 of us here to celebrate my dear friend’s 50th birthday. We have watched sunsets together, gathered in circles, had a heart rendering ritual; we have meditated together, danced our asses off , played music, laughed hysterically, met new friends and deepened relationships.

For me, cultivating conscious community has been foundational to life. Years ago, my community become my family, then, my “real” family suddenly grew to include three consecutive years of new grandchildren and life quickly changed. I have no doubt that those years, those hundreds of circles, all the sharing from a place of ever deepening presence and vulnerability led to a growing reflection of my own true nature that has allowed me to love more completely. I saw this in them; they saw it in me and we all grew. It made me a better person, a better grandmother, a better mother, a better friend.

Community is a social construct based on a group of people coming together with shared expectations, values, beliefs and meanings. It is a coming together of kindred spirits. I delight in the fact that now, eleven years later, the space is opening again for creating community in my life and for that, I am so deeply grateful.

So much love and blessings,


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