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Juice vs. Smoothies

October 08, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food


When it comes to juicing or smoothies it’s not an either or proposition. Each type of drink has its place depending on the benefits you seek. If you’re new to raw foods or even just trying to eat more fresh, organic goodness you’re bound to encounter the Juice vs. Smoothie debate. Both methods of preparation are sure to take your mind body spirit to its highest level of functioning, especially if you consume them consistently and choose ingredients for their specific health and energetic or spiritual properties. Read more »

Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention part 5 of 5

September 30, 2010 By: Laura Bruno Category: Raw Food, Video

In this final segment Laura talks about humans as intentional beings and gives insights to questions asked by the audience. Laura also discusses “If I Only Had a Brain Injury,” the creation of “The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide” and her upcoming novel, “Schizandra and the Gates of Mu.”

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Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention part 3 of 5

September 07, 2010 By: Laura Bruno Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food, Video


How do people deal with enhanced intuitive awareness? How do people find ways to receive more synchronicity into their lives? How does gratitude influence fear? This segment explores the connection between the 3rd and 7th chakras; raw food and increased intuition. Laura also talks about the heart chakra’s importance in human evolution and where we’re headed. She also speaks of intention and the importance of acting with conscious intention.

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High Vibration Foods

July 29, 2010 By: Laura Bruno Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food


“You are what you eat” can seem like a scary prospect in today’s world of GMO Monsanto processed McCraziness, but it also offers a chance to liberate yourself with every bite or sip you take. Imbibing foods with a high vibration can heal your cells, improve your mood and literally “sing the body electric.” But where to begin? The King of Hearts says, “Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” But I say, “Once you start you won’t ever want to stop!” Here a few tips to set you on your way:

1) Anything in its uncooked, minimally processed raw, sprouted and organic state maintains or amplifies its originally high life force.

2) Greens!  (Because they grow UP towards the sun, and also because they alkalize your system, letting you move into a positively flowing space.)

3) Food and water infused with Reiki. Even if you only know Reiki Level 1, you can hold your hands above your food/water (or imagine doing so) in order to activate its enzymes and life force.  A highly love-infused blessing will increase vibration, too.

4) Raw cacao, provided you treat it with reverence and love, and not just as “candy.” Consider raw cacao in the same category as tobacco or alcohol, both sacred substances, which can become addictive or vibration lowering if abused.  Raw cacao in small, loving, deliberate doses can have the effect of opening and softening the heart, inviting bliss and increased awareness.  If you don’t feel it, don’t worry.  No one’s making you eat raw cacao!  You will know if it resonates with you.

5) Spirulina and/or E3Live.  These tiny, ancient organisms bring us closer to the original, watery love-vibe of Mother Earth.

6) Organic Goji Berries. A Tibetan wonder, perhaps the most studied “superfood,” goji berries visibly raise the vibration of people who regularly consume them.  I can usually “pick out” the goji eaters or goji drinkers in a crowd.

And speaking of the King of Hearts, let’s not forget the tea! You can have a (medicinal) tea party any time of day or night with herbal wonders like pau d’arco, tulsi or licorice — all of which act as adaptogens and adrenal support. Less stress effect and better health=higher vibration. More please!

This excerpt was originally published 10/10/08 as part of a longer article on Laura Bruno’s Blog.

Green Bliss Smoothie

July 28, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food


The trick to making any major change is to embrace the process and go gradually. Earlier this year I began to explore raw foods with an open-ended intention: to arrive at a way of eating that fully supported my mind, body and spirit and that left me feeling vibrant, balanced and aware. A few months in I added the intention to have a daily green smoothie. At first I would have one a few times a week, and now 7 months later I look forward to it each morning.

I love experimenting with all the beautiful superfoods out there and devour books and blogs and videos on raw foods daily. My latest favorite is something I’m calling Green Bliss. It’s the richest, loveliest emerald green and maybe it’s just my changing taste buds, but I sometimes think it’s too delicious to be a plant-powered healing potion.

This green smoothie is especially beneficial for women and is ultra-rich in key nutrients like iron, Omega fatty acids, calcium and protein, plus powerful phytonutrients that fight disease. These nutrients are also calming to the nervous system and tissues. I swear you can feel your body coming alive as you drink! Try one when stressed out, having PMS or to move past a craving. The deep level of nutrition will satisfy what your body is really asking for. You’ll find yourself alkalized and revitalized with a steady source of high-vibration energy coursing through your being. To make it simply combine all of the following ingredients in a blender and whip it up. Read more »

Joyful Eating

July 14, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food


If you are on a spiritual path you have, or likely will, examine what, when, and how you eat and question whether or not it serves your highest intentions. Intuition, facts, experience and other information can be used to arrive at a way of eating that is both joyful and health-promoting.

Within minutes of eating something it is being broken down by your highly efficient digestive system and the various elements of the food are making their way through every cell of your body. It’s not just a simple in-one-end-and-out-the-other kind of process. What we eat becomes what we are, so why not eat the most vibrant and natural foods possible?

When we nourish ourselves in a way that directly connects us to nature we align our highest physical,  mental and spiritual aspirations and are likely to find the sense of struggle around eating give way to ease.

More and more people are experiencing the uplifting, balancing and rejuvenating benefits of a high-raw plant-based diet.  A plant-based diet not only provides us with abundant energy, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, amino acids and other essential nutrients, but it is easiest on our environment and is the only truly compassionate way to eat.  We honor the sacredness of all beings – ourselves and the animals – when we choose to eat from the plant kingdom.

As I write I’m sipping my daily green superfood smoothie. Today it’s an invigorating and spicy-sweet blend of kale, ginger,  orange juice, mango, banana, hemp seeds, maca and MSM.  With each sip of this potent meal I can feel my cells activating, opening and welcoming all the healing and life-force giving nutrients.  With gratitude I reflect upon how this meal all came together: picking the kale from a dear friend’s garden last weekend; riding my bike on a hot sunny day to the co-op for the hemp seeds and maca; and taking the time to lovingly peel, slice and freeze the bananas and mangoes in my bright, window-filled kitchen.

Three times each day we all eat. That’s three opportunities to choose food that promotes vibrance, compassion, and energy. Three opportunities to offer a prayer of gratitude for the simple perfection of nature. Make each meal a celebration of life itself and watch the very foundation of your own life begin to shift toward strength, vitality, ease and joy!

Power Drinks: Green Smoothies

May 14, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food


If you would have told my ten-year-old self that I would one day snack on green smoothies I’d have said “yeah right”. But a few decades later and my taste for health and vitality holds as much decision making power as less noble appetites. In pursuit of a nutritious and balancing way of eating that is also delicious, I’ve fallen in love with green smoothies. Before you too wrinkle your nose and say “yeah right” just give it a try.

Green smoothies are an especially easy and delicious way for women to consume plenty of hormone balancing cruciferous veggies each day. A bunch of kale blended with frozen blueberries, bananas and cacao powder is a treat to sip throughout the morning and by lunch you’ve already had several servings of antioxidant-rich produce without having to chew through a big bowlfull of leaves. Not that salads aren’t a pleasure to eat – but it’s great to mix it up and keep things interesting, especially when a commitment to a new, healthy habit is still setting. Read more »

The Freedom of Mindful Eating

May 07, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food


After I read Celedra’s post on her journey toward raw/living foods I began to reflect on what has inspired my own journey toward a decidedly non-Standard American Diet as well as the spiritual aspects of this path.

My parents raised my brother and I vegetarian from birth and we regularly ate things like brown rice and lentils purchased in bulk. Dinner usually included lots of fresh produce cooked into soups, stir-frys and other vegetable-based dishes.

But we also frequently ate dairy products and processed convenience foods (that of course my brother and I begged for). It wasn’t until my late teen years and my deeper intuition began to develop, that I realized how poorly I responded to animal and chemical ingredients on all levels: body, mind and spirit.

Going Raw? Process, Progress and Intuition

Coming to the understanding that my body required a different quality of fuel wasn’t as simple as heeding the warning of physical symptoms because often symptoms could surface many hours or even days after eating the food. Sometimes certain undesirable foods (ice cream!) honestly left me feeling fine yet I knew they didn’t really support the kind of mind-body-spirit health I was after. Read more »

Trials and Tribulations of Just Eating

May 04, 2010 By: celedra Category: Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food


Isn’t it just crazy! The simple process of feeding our bodies has become a national obsession – and a personal one for most of us.

At 16, I remember going on a banana, cottage cheese and lettuce diet and was FINALLY able to get into a nifty pair of peach size 9 pants. I though I was the cat’s meow. It was just the beginning of a long and tortuous journey that most of us know way too well to bother going into.

Falling in love with Raw Food

Now I have turned 60. My, where has the time gone! The good news is, food and I have become great friends – finally. In fact, I am falling in love with it more and more. Read more »

Mind-Body-Spirit Love Fest

April 26, 2010 By: celedra Category: Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food


I’m on my third week of P90X.  I’ve run marathons, done Bikram Yoga and a number of other exercise adventures.  Never has anything felt like this.  It must be the muscle confusion.  My body feels so alive and vibrating with transformation.  Dreams are more vivid and meditation more spacious.  Maybe it’s all the raw food dancing for joy inside my little cells!  Whatever it is, meditation,  a living food diet, and daily exercise are truly the three pillars of a daily Mind-Body-Spirit Love Fest for me. Read more »

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