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Amplify Your Intentions with High Vibration Sounds

June 24, 2010 By: Laura Bruno Category: Mind Body Spirit


Summer construction, noisy neighbors, fax machines, laughing children, or the refrigerator’s hum: wherever we find ourselves, we are usually surrounded by some sort of sound. As an Intuitive Life Coach, I find that most people underestimate the degree to which life’s “soundtrack” affects our lives. People make vision boards for the Law of Attraction, using words as affirmations but rarely tuning into the primal power of sound itself.

This is a major untapped resource! Background awareness drops directly into the subconscious, thereby reprogramming us from the inside out. Whether you consider yourself a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner, you can use the power of sound to amplify desired improvements in your life. In some ways, sacred sound can “do the work for you” by raising your vibration even as you focus on other things. Effortless action? Sounds good to me! Read more »

Meet Constance Demby

April 02, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Sacred Art, Teachers


Constance Demby is a classically trained artist who has been performing since she was twelve-years-old. Music critics have compared her work to the great classical masters and the honors to be found in her decades-long career include a Grammy nomination and work with Lucas Skywalker Studios and Discovery Channel.

In live concert, Constance presents a range of sonic environments accompanied by her penetrating voice: the cosmic-electronic symphonic orchestra performed on digital sampling synthesizers; the wooden hammer dulcimer with over 100 vibrating strings; and the Sonic Steel Space Bass, a ten foot sheet of steel that produces deep, primordial, resonant subsonic vibrations.

Dedicated to exploring the healing power of sound and it’s ability to alter consciousness, Constance has received countless letters from those who experienced a major healing or life shift with the music. For more information about Constance and her illustrious career please visit her page in our Sacred Living Resource Directory.

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