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Living Spiritual Depth with Miranda Macpherson

May 15, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Teachers, Teachings


June 20-25th join Miranda Macpherson at Esalen Institute for Living Spiritual Depth.

This is Miranda’s most extensive retreat of 2010 and takes place in a beautiful natural environment on the ocean cliffs of the California coast where redwood trees and healing hot springs meet the sea.

As a retreat participant you will join in spiritual community and receive support and guidance in diving beyond habits of suffering to access more of the peace and freedom within. We will also discover how to allow our realizations to take deeper root in our daily life.

Miranda teaches and transmits embodied Self-Inquiry, powerful meditations and devotional practices in a style that is profoundly allowing and real. Additionally, she will share her methods for ongoing practice to support deeper liberation and more substantial access to Grace.

For bookings and further details email or visit

Awakening Love and Wisdom

April 27, 2010 By: admin Category: Teachers, Teachings


You are invited to join an ongoing spiritual community that is dedicated to opening into direct experience of The Sacred and living everyday life from greater spiritual depth.

In a tangible atmosphere of unconditional love and presence,  author and spiritual teacher Miranda Macpherson works experientially, inviting participants to bring their deepest questions and concerns as the gate-way into our true nature. She teaches and transmits a unique form of embodied Self-Inquiry, powerful meditations and devotional practices, guiding us in an authentic spiritual life, so we can discover the means to liberate ourselves from the patterns that shape our lives.

Meetings will be in downtown Mill Valley, California on Tuesday evenings from 7:15-9pm on the following dates: May 18, 25 and June 1, 8, 15, July 6, 13, 20, 27 and August 2, 10, 17. The cost is $20 per session or $200 for all 12 sessions.

For more information or directions please email

The Five Pillars of Awakening

April 12, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Living with Intention, Teachers, Teachings


I see them as the pillars of a temple. A temple of pure, infinite being.

In the same way that a pillar actually holds the structure of the temple up, these are the poles that we need to plant and cultivate within ourself to enable everything to open up.

Spiritual teacher, counselor and author Miranda Macpherson says that your soul knows the way, and when we learn to work with it, instead of interfering or judging our own process we begin to encounter an inherent intelligence deep within – our inner teacher. When we awaken these Five Pillars we can inquire and be taught directly by life, by our own experience.

Click here to view the 11 minute video (#9 in the list) titled The Five Pillars of Awakening, where Miranda tells us what these five pillars are and ways we can approach their cultivation.

Meet Miranda Macpherson

April 01, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Awakening Feminine, Feminine Wisdom, Teachers


Miranda Macpherson is a spiritual teacher, counselor and author of the spiritual guidebook Boundless Love. She began her spiritual path at the age of thirteen after a powerful initial awakening. Miranda has been teaching internationally since 1995 and is known for her depth of presence, clarity, and refined capacity to guide people into direct experience of the sacred.

Miranda’s spiritual training began in her teen years and she has written and taught extensively on these areas of study internationally. In her twenties, Miranda completed seminary training in which she studied the world’s spiritual traditions, their distinctions and the universal thread than runs through them all. She was ordained an interfaith minister in 1995 in New York. A year later, she founded the ground breaking educational organization The Interfaith Seminary in London, where she was spiritual director for a decade.

In her thirties, Miranda was graced by a profound nondual awakening in the cave of Ramana Maharshi in India. This silent transmission of pure being beyond mind had a lasting impact on her awareness and changed the orientation of her life and teaching. She is currently launching The Feminine Wisdom School a new one-year program with Lama Palden and Sherry Anderson.

Miranda is based in the San Fransisco bay area, and is writing a book on embodied awakening. To read more about Miranda’s extensive background, training and work please visit her page in our Sacred Living Resource Directory. In Miranda’s video exclusive to our site, she discusses her own awakening, Arising out of the Ego Into Boundless Love, The Five Pillars of Awakening, Courage to Trust and more. To view click here.

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