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7 Easy Ways to Develop Your Intuition

October 20, 2010 By: Janna Chin Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit


Intuition. Everyone knows that feeling in your gut that tells you something’s wrong. That voice in your heart that guides you in the right direction.

Intuition is knowledge we know cognitively without rational thought. In today’s society, intuition has been downplayed, secondary to intellect and logic. Often times, problems can’t be solved with mere intellect or rational thought alone. In a society that values scientific data and proof of effectiveness from everything to skin care to weight loss and everything else in between, we need to get in touch with ourselves and our own inner wisdom more than ever. Read more »

Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention part 5 of 5

September 30, 2010 By: Laura Bruno Category: Raw Food, Video

In this final segment Laura talks about humans as intentional beings and gives insights to questions asked by the audience. Laura also discusses “If I Only Had a Brain Injury,” the creation of “The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide” and her upcoming novel, “Schizandra and the Gates of Mu.”

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Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention part 3 of 5

September 07, 2010 By: Laura Bruno Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food, Video


How do people deal with enhanced intuitive awareness? How do people find ways to receive more synchronicity into their lives? How does gratitude influence fear? This segment explores the connection between the 3rd and 7th chakras; raw food and increased intuition. Laura also talks about the heart chakra’s importance in human evolution and where we’re headed. She also speaks of intention and the importance of acting with conscious intention.

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Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention part 2 of 5

August 19, 2010 By: Laura Bruno Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food, Video


Part 2 of Laura Bruno’s talk, “Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention.” This segment covers synchronicity, connections to the Alaskan wilderness, and the world economy. Laura shares insights about which people are thriving in today’s uncertain times, the ways that the body and finances support the soul’s evolution and about the body’s three main centers for intuition. This segment also begins a discussion of the connection between the gut and spirituality, digestion and brain injury, and diet and life path.

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Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention part 1 of 5

August 11, 2010 By: Laura Bruno Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food


Is the universe talking to me? Part 1 of Laura Bruno’s talk, “Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention” introduces the talk and covers common questions asked in coaching sessions and classes with Laura. She shares insights about some of the ways the universe nudges people onto their path via health crises that provide quiet downtime and how transitioning to raw foods often leads to synchronicities becoming a common, everyday part of living a natural, spiritually awakened life.

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The Freedom of Mindful Eating

May 07, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food


After I read Celedra’s post on her journey toward raw/living foods I began to reflect on what has inspired my own journey toward a decidedly non-Standard American Diet as well as the spiritual aspects of this path.

My parents raised my brother and I vegetarian from birth and we regularly ate things like brown rice and lentils purchased in bulk. Dinner usually included lots of fresh produce cooked into soups, stir-frys and other vegetable-based dishes.

But we also frequently ate dairy products and processed convenience foods (that of course my brother and I begged for). It wasn’t until my late teen years and my deeper intuition began to develop, that I realized how poorly I responded to animal and chemical ingredients on all levels: body, mind and spirit.

Going Raw? Process, Progress and Intuition

Coming to the understanding that my body required a different quality of fuel wasn’t as simple as heeding the warning of physical symptoms because often symptoms could surface many hours or even days after eating the food. Sometimes certain undesirable foods (ice cream!) honestly left me feeling fine yet I knew they didn’t really support the kind of mind-body-spirit health I was after. Read more »

Are you listening?

January 25, 2010 By: Pamela Wright Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit


“If you open yourself to insight, you are at one with insight and you can use it completely.” – Tao te Ching

Do you often having difficulty making a decision, vacillating between one outcome or another? Even when one road seems the likely way to travel, the one decision most practical, sometimes we are still inundated with numerous responses rolling around in our minds. We remain unclear about what our highest good is. Oftentimes we rely solely on mental and intellectual faculties of decision making, and ignore possibly the more accurate weather vane of what is the best choice  to our life questions.  The power of intuition is at our beckon call if only we listen, if only we take the time to hear as well as  see the signs around us.

Remember the voice that told you to turn right; there was a parking space? Or when you knew who was on the phone as it rang? What about that morning  you woke up with a resolution to an idea you’d been pondering? All those nudges, hunches, aha! moments are what I call intuition. An instinctual, creative mechanism held deep inside us all which arises sometimes in moments of stillness when we seek to know. Other times,  a word, warning or picture  just appears  out of nowhere (now here).

It’s been said intuition is similar to a muscle; it needs to be exercised. Part of that work means believing in the inner voice, asking for its assistance regularly. Taking 5 minutes in the morning before preparing your day’s itinerary, breathing deeply and listening to what your intuition has to say is exercise. Another voice may begin a stream of objectives for the day or a “get going” demand. Hearing the innate wisdom -intuition- will take practice. Remember, any muscle doesn’t gain mass overnight.  Attention given to this “muscle” of intuition –while chopping vegetables, before opening your books to study, after tucking in children at night, as you close your own eyes at day’s end– is all exercise. It will pay off too. Solutions will arise from nowhere, the unknown will become known, surprises will grace your life by what has been referred to as our sixth sense: intuition.

“Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.”
– Florence Scovel Shinn


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