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The Virtue of Self-ishness

August 07, 2012 By: Michael Nagel Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit

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Was it 1984 when I walked up to a teller of the Santa Monica branch of First Interstate Bank to deposit my paycheck? I must have laid on the teller counter, title up, the copy of “The Virtue of Selfishness” by Ayn Rand which I was reading, because as I filled out my deposit slip, the teller remarked with palpable moral indignation, “Don’t tell me you want to be selfish!?”

Slowly looking up straight into her eyes, I replied, “As a matter of fact, I do!”

I still want to be Self-ish, though sometimes others may misinterpret that as my being selfish. But that is their problem, not mine. I wish that you be Self-ish too.

That is, I wish everyone be taught how to think critically with the light of their intellects. As individuals and a nation, we might not fall victim to deceit.

I wish everyone finds within themselves, Read more »

Winter Health (“vata” time of year)

December 23, 2011 By: Patricia Tedeschi Category: Conscious Livelihood, Mind Body Spirit, Uncategorized

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As well as experiencing dryer skin in this “Vata” time of year, do you find yourself more anxious, flighty and spacey?  It is probably more than “the Holidays.”  Your Vata dosha is more than likely out of balance, which merely means nature is delivering an abundance of vata like qualities in the form of cooler temperatures, and blustery winds.  This can tip us a bit over the edge emotionally and physically.

You don’t need to feel blown away by vata’s high season.  Choose nurturing lifestyle choices which will help keep you grounded. Read more »

Looking for Direction in All the Wrong Places

September 06, 2011 By: Michael Nagel Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit


I work with many intelligent people. Despite their intelligence, often they are stymied by dilemmas with which they have struggled in thought – often for a very long time. Occasionally I may remark, “With your obvious intelligence and with all your thinking about this, if you haven’t yet arrived at answer, perhaps it might be because you’ve been searching for your answer in the wrong place.”

Such dilemmas remind me of the crazy wisdom teacher, Nasruddin, an Islamic character whose humorous exploits are spiritual teachings with many depths of meaning. Let me paraphrase one of my favorite Nasruddin stories, for it may suggest an answer to such getting stuck. Read more »

Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention part 5 of 5

September 30, 2010 By: Laura Bruno Category: Raw Food, Video

In this final segment Laura talks about humans as intentional beings and gives insights to questions asked by the audience. Laura also discusses “If I Only Had a Brain Injury,” the creation of “The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide” and her upcoming novel, “Schizandra and the Gates of Mu.”

Watch the video

Excavate Your Inherent Perfection

September 23, 2010 By: Miranda Macpherson Category: Mantra, Malas, Meditation, Mind Body Spirit, Teachings


Your spirituality will serve either to help free you from your mistaken self-concepts or it will subtly reinforce them by deepening the notion that you must ‘become’ perfect through endless prayers, meditations and practices. The intention you give your spirituality will determine where it takes you. Direct your spirituality not to becoming something different, but to unwinding what you have assimilated that is false. Read more »

Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention part 2 of 5

August 19, 2010 By: Laura Bruno Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food, Video


Part 2 of Laura Bruno’s talk, “Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention.” This segment covers synchronicity, connections to the Alaskan wilderness, and the world economy. Laura shares insights about which people are thriving in today’s uncertain times, the ways that the body and finances support the soul’s evolution and about the body’s three main centers for intuition. This segment also begins a discussion of the connection between the gut and spirituality, digestion and brain injury, and diet and life path.

Watch the video

Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention part 1 of 5

August 11, 2010 By: Laura Bruno Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food


Is the universe talking to me? Part 1 of Laura Bruno’s talk, “Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention” introduces the talk and covers common questions asked in coaching sessions and classes with Laura. She shares insights about some of the ways the universe nudges people onto their path via health crises that provide quiet downtime and how transitioning to raw foods often leads to synchronicities becoming a common, everyday part of living a natural, spiritually awakened life.

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Count Your Blessings: Cultivating a Practice of Gratitude

October 06, 2009 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit


With each sunrise comes an opportunity to start afresh; whether it is renewing our commitment to daily practice or another chance to leave behind an old habit. Adding a daily gratitude practice to your morning ritual is a wonderful way to acknowledge the blessings in your life.

Many recent studies suggest that people who are more grateful experience higher levels of well-being and are happier, less depressed, less stressed, and more satisfied with their lives and social relationships. Studies also indicate that people characterized as grateful are more in control of their environments, personal growth, purpose in life, and have greater self acceptance. Sounds like living with intention to me! Gratitude seems to be an overall tonic for body, mind and spirit and grateful people are known to sleep better, perhaps because they tend to have pleasant thoughts before sleeping, rather than ruminating on the days’ disappointments. Read more »

Finding your own path to the sacred in a busy life

September 30, 2009 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Teachers, Video


I love this conversation between Celedra and Tai Chi, Yiquan and Qigong master teacher Fong Ha. They discuss enlightenment, eternity and finding your own path to sacred connection in the midst of a busy life. Their discussion of the desire to change really resonated with me. I’m sure that desire for change, for something more, is what brings many readers to our blog. We’d love to hear your comments!

Watch the video

Autumn, A Season of Gratitude

September 23, 2009 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit


Throughout each year there are many days that serve as special markers of time, experience and hope for the future. Birthdays, the new year and other seasonal or religious holidays all help us celebrate our lives and can also serve as a powerful point in time to pause, reflect and then move forward with renewed intention.

Yesterday marked the Autumnal Equinox or the first day of fall, and today begins the ever faster approach of shorter days and longer nights. The Autumnal Equinox is also a time associated with balance and gratitude. Read more »

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