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Family: Only Love

December 14, 2009 By: Pamela Wright Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit


Holidays can suggest a mixed bag of joy as well as disappointment. In the midst of personal struggle (loss of a loved one, economic difficulty, family discord) during a time when we are conditioned to celebrate, Depak Chopra’s words are powerful food for thought: The world of spirit is a world of community, insight and love — it is unshakable, undivided and free of limitation.” May we uncover moments of simplicity and peace this holiday season.

Only Love

Family is about blending, the mixing of hearts. Noble hearts, happy hearts, sad ones, hearts filled with all that is good.
Family doesn’t require having the same name. It includes souls alike and different. Some we’re born into; some we meet along the way.
Family is a true commitment to growing together as well as individually.  Sizes vary, but the more the merrier is a good policy.
Family supports one another without judgment in the smooth times and the bumpy. Perfection isn’t expected but your best effort is always a good goal.  Remember the noble.
In family, we have something to learn from everyone; stay flexible and open.
Families rise above. We don’t ignore; we face what is in front of us. In the end we place challenges behind us and we forgive.
Family is the most important of earthly treasures because we can feel safe inside them.  We can be ourselves.  We can ask for help. We can play and laugh.

At the heart of family there is only love.

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