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I am grounded, guided, and confident

January 22, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Mantra, Malas, Meditation, Mind Body Spirit


Being ungrounded is like trying to walk in shoes that are too big: feet sliding around trying to hold on and stay centered to keep moving. Being ungrounded feels fluttery and weak, with anxious electric sparks throughout my body. It’s the tension of held breath, willing myself to think/feel/be different. Ungrounded, I do not fully inhabit myself! And it’s very difficult to receive guidance, whether it is wisdom from within or simply being present for the spontaneous lessons the universe bestows in ordinary moments.

As someone with a persistently busy mind and a tendency toward anxiety, I have found that the practice of mantra recitation using a gemstone mala to be especially calming and rejuvenating. One of the mantras I use is I am grounded, guided, and confident. While gently rolling each bead of the mala in my fingers, I recite the mantra 108 times, or more until I feel my energy begin to center and flow a little more smoothly.

The mala I use with this particular mantra is made of Smoky Quartz and Garnet beads. The inherent properties of these two stones increase the power of my practice and I visualize the stones’ healing energy being drawn into me as I touch each bead, one by one.

Smoky Quartz is the stone for grounding and connection to the earth. Because it releases negative energies from the mind and body, more energy is available for joy as well as for endurance and creativity, especially in business and organization. As a busy entrepreneur, this quality is especially helpful to me. The grounding nature of  smoky quartz promotes presence and calmness in the moment.

Garnet is a stone of health and energy. Garnet is regarded as a stone of purity and truth and is a symbol of love and compassion. Garnet is also lucky stone for love and success and is known to increase self-esteem or alleviate depression by moving energy (chi) throughout the body and dissolving emotional blockages.

After 21 days of consistent practice I felt my feet more firmly on the ground and a steady breath easier to come by. It also seemed as if  life wasn’t quite so relentlessly on fast forward, and this allowed me to more carefully evaluate what was before me and make decisions from a grounded, guided, and confident perspective.

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