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Making My First Fairy House

April 14, 2011 By: Samantha Category: Grandparenting, Mind Body Spirit

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One of my favorite memories as a 9 and a half-year-old was making my first fairy house. It was so much fun to do this with my brother, Jake. We did an easy house, but decorated it to be fit for a queen, or a king. We combined our ideas, as well as a couple of my grandmas, and pretty soon we had a memorable, beautiful fairy house! Jake himself told me he wanted me to share with you what we did so that you can have a good time just like we did while you make your house.

Here is how.

  1. Find 15-20 sticks that are around a foot tall and are around the same size.
  2. Find a spot in your garden where it is natural, and where you think is perfect.
  3. Form your sticks in a tepee shape. You may also lean HALF the sticks against a tree.
  4. Make a roof! (Optional.) Find some pretty leaves and cover up what you feel should be covered.
  5. Decorate! Dig a hole and put in a bowl to make a pool! Find a flat rock to make a table and stick some tacks into the ground to make chairs. Hang jewels from a near by bush or tree. Any other idea? Add it!
  6. To make the fairies welcome, add some small pieces of fruit to harvest on and maybe the next day, you’ll get a letter! You’ll know they came by the sparkles!

I hope you have as much fun as we did!

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