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July 10, 2010 By: Miranda Macpherson Category: Living with Intention, Teachings


What ultimately matters is what our inner awakening actually produces in the living of our everyday lives. I call this embodiment. Once we know we are love, we are peace itself, the ongoing challenge is to live from that awareness in a way that embraces all of life.

This is living with the open question: How does love and truth wish to express itself now? A life lived awake to spirit is not about walking around in a pastel vapour, but about learning to be profoundly open to whatever life brings us in each present moment. To fully be here:

Our feet firmly grounded in the body upon this earth

Our mind surrendered to its Source

Our heart wide open and undefended

Embracing all of life with equal acceptance

Letting love live and move through us

In this degree of openness, our heart and our life become a birthing chamber for profound grace. We recognize that there is literally nothing to fear, and love is free to express itself naturally in everyday ways that heal, touch, uplift and inspire everyone. Selfishness and neurosis soften to reveal natural kinship and compassion. Heaven touches earth. The sacred comes alive in the mundane.

from Awakening with Miranda

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