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The Blessing of Community

February 09, 2011 By: celedra Category: Mind Body Spirit, Uncategorized

Waves at Sea Ranch

It is Sunday, February 6th and I am sitting in a beautiful home at the edge of the ocean at Sea Ranch in California. The weather is spectacular. The sun is glistening on the water and sends sparkles into the foam that sprays fiercely into the air from the crashing waves.

There are 24 of us here to celebrate my dear friend’s 50th birthday. We have watched sunsets together, gathered in circles, had a heart rendering ritual; we have meditated together, danced our asses off , played music, laughed hysterically, met new friends and deepened relationships.

For me, cultivating conscious community has been foundational to life. Years ago, my community become my family, then, my “real” family suddenly grew to include three consecutive years of new grandchildren and life quickly changed. I have no doubt that those years, those hundreds of circles, all the sharing from a place of ever deepening presence and vulnerability led to a growing reflection of my own true nature that has allowed me to love more completely. I saw this in them; they saw it in me and we all grew. It made me a better person, a better grandmother, a better mother, a better friend.

Community is a social construct based on a group of people coming together with shared expectations, values, beliefs and meanings. It is a coming together of kindred spirits. I delight in the fact that now, eleven years later, the space is opening again for creating community in my life and for that, I am so deeply grateful.

So much love and blessings,


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