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Featured Sponsor: Restoring Power

June 12, 2010 By: admin Category: Living with Intention


The light. The dark. All of you.

We all have a light side comprised of our beauty, our strengths. And there’s the stuff we hide–our humanity, if you will. We are practiced at hiding our dark side, living only half ourselves, and wondering why we feel slightly numb. This is a loss of power. It can eat away at us if we don’t recognize it.

Restoring Power brings the light and dark sides onto equal ground. So that we live in wholeness, we engage authentically and powerfully. …So that we bring to life ALL OF YOU.

Stagnation is hell, isn’t it?

Real power isn’t forced. How much of your life are you forcing? Pushing against it, hating the effort, numbing out. Are you getting as far as you’d like in the direction you are pushing?

from restoringpower.com

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Touchstones sponsor Regina Perata is a coach, speaker and therapist who works with clients one-on-one by phone and in person. For those in the Portland, OR area check out her groups and retreats, including the juicy sounding Restoring Power Organic Retreat coming up at Hidden Lake July 10 and 11.

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