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Essential Oils and Pets

April 01, 2011 By: Allison Stillman Category: Mind Body Spirit


My dog Sophie asked me to write a column about essential oils and the impending flea and tick season. She is particularly fond of oils, not all pets are, but she certainly is.

Springtime means the onset of a new battle for our pets with those dreaded pests called fleas and ticks, and this season promises to be an especially powerful one with all the rain we have seen. The adult female flea is known to lay up to 30 eggs each time she lays, and over 400 in her life cycle. The fleas feed on the blood of the host, namely our dog or cat, which not only cause our pets extreme discomfort, but can also spread diseases and other parasites. The flea does not limit its habitation to the pet it has fed upon, and can last for up to two months from a single feeding on our pets. They can exist for the remainder of the life cycle in our backyard on the grass, or on our pet’s bedding, or even our own bedding, (a ghastly thought)!

Wherever our dog and cat roam, there too, go the fleas. So it is important to wash the bedding on a regular basis, theirs, and ours. If our pet has fleas, chances are our home environment has them as well.

There are many treatments on the market for pets and the home, but unfortunately, most of them are full of harmful toxins. Not only are essential oils a wonderful alternative, in addition, our homes smell delightful when we use essential oils instead of, or in addition to, the toxic solutions available today.

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