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January 20, 2010 By: Pamela Wright Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit


The winds of grace are always blowing; it is for us to raise our sails.”

Today my neighbor left our building belted in a transport chair with two strong attendants at her sides. I heard her fearful questions outside my apartment door, asking “what are you going to do?” The EMT’s firmly but gently responded with words of assurance for her safety. As the emergency vehicle moved away with her fragile body inside, I felt relief both for my elderly neighbors and myself. It took not only the grace of the medical emergency team, but the love of her husband to change her life. Grace is compassion toward another, regard for one who struggles. In “Invisible Acts of Power,” Carolyn Myss believes there is no more powerful an act than making a choice. The grace of healing is often uncovered in these moments of action.

A young woman I know has recently returned from several months in Ghana. She worked in a refugee camp, assisting in simple but profound ways of making the lives of children in particular, a little better. Grace flowed through her as she sat with those children, being fully present to their needs and immersing herself in their meager lives. She worked side-by-side with mothers cooking meals from foods shipped to them from aid programs. This young woman was moved to study African culture with the intention of giving herself to something greater, the need of another. Many lives, including her own, are shaped by this abundance of good which she expresses through serving.

When we pay attention, we find the experience of grace often. It exists in small and larger ways: a smile from a stranger, an acquaintance making a job contact for us, someone holding open a door at the library, feeling part of community through volunteer involvement, receiving a letter in the mail from a grandchild, reading wise words from a favored author. Grace is infinite if we open our mind and heart to its wonder. A moment of time, willingness, surrender and the example of another’s courage will reveal this marvel called grace. Raising our sails to the many acts of spirits’ generosity is a gift to and from us. Being receptive to all manner of grace in our every day is to live from soul, where we and another are healed.

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