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Meet Terence Yallop

September 15, 2010 By: admin Category: Mind Body Spirit, Music, Teachers


Born in England in 1940, Terence Yallop moved to the United States in 1975 and Yallop became a member of the faculty of the fledgling California Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and for several years there and in the Bay Area he gave classes in t’ai chi and Taoist philosophy. Yallop was aware that the time was ripe for a new kind of music to emerge and began to make connections with the talented musicians he perceived were creating the best of it. Out of a desire to share this exciting new music with as many people as possible, he began promoting concerts for now internationally prominent artists that included Kitaro, Yanni and Andreas Vollenweider, who heralded the new genre. Read more »

Featured Artist: K Robins

June 30, 2010 By: admin Category: Conscious Parenting, Sacred Art


Expression through art and craft has been sacred artist K Robin’s lifelong companion. She began her work with symbols spontaneously about 25 years ago:

From the life changes and chaos I was experiencing at the time, a door opened. I began carving my emotions, in the form of primal images, into soft forgiving wax.

I find comfort, strength and insight in this work, and continue to study the tradition of symbolic art for healing. I go to the work bench much like someone else may go to the mat, their meditation spot, prayer or music room.

The spiritual and healing element of K’s designs is co-created in K’s sources of inspiration, from her own life and the

study of multi-cultural spiritual disciplines to the talent, courage, and wisdom of people she knows, loves and admires. Each pendant is carved in wax, cast in sterling silver and comes with a black satin cord and its own lyrical poem.  To see more of K’s luminous designs visit her page in our Sacred Art Gallery

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