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May my Life be a Prayer

March 30, 2010 By: celedra Category: About Us, Living with Intention

May my Life be a Prayer – a year ago in June, during my birthday,  I prayed this prayer.

I had decided to read Stephen Levine’s wonderful book, A Year to Live.  After 15 years of hospice work and some of the most profoundly moving weekend workshops of my life with Stephen and Ondrea, I am well aware of the very impermanent nature of this lifetime.

What is my highest purpose?  How can I serve?

The answer came – it was to create a central resource for sacred living.  A place to come for solace, respite, guidance, inspiration, community.  I love the Huffington Post and could see this blog with the double bar of topics filled with video, sacred art, conscious relationships, parenting, teachings, yoga.  A sanctuary to rest in, a community to learn from and to share with.

Today it is a bit over 9 months later.  We have given birth.  I am in awe, again, of the magic and mystery of creation.  I am so blessed to have Matsya, a treasure beyond words,  as co-creator on this blessed journey.  We thank all of you who so enthusiastically support and value this vision and bless all of us on this sacred path of life.  May our lives be a prayer!

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