Stephen & Ondrea Levine – Deep Gratitude

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During my almost 15 years of hospice work, it was always Stephen and Ondrea Levine that provided meaning to a sometimes overwhelming sense of loss and suffering. His books, A Gradual Awakening and Who Dies, became like my bible, a constant well of words that filled my soul and helped me be present and accepting of whatever arose.


Stephen & Ondrea Levine

Their workshops broke our hearts open with compassion and filled us with infinite light and love. In closing, we would do a Sufi dance, moving from person to person, looking deeply into their eyes, sending and receiving love into our hearts.  The dance was a tribute to one of my favorite phrases of his “The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it.” Bless them both for their unique and devoted contribution.

A Year to Live, Stephen’s most recent book, has been sitting on my bookshelf for a few years just patiently waiting. Even though I am not quite ready to start practicing this book, I find myself increasingly more conscious of choices I make as I bring it from my bookshelf to my bedside. Now when I awaken in the morning, there is a more poignant awareness of this day – this one precious day, which becomes this one precious moment throughout this one day. Thank you Stephen and Ondrea.

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  1. I just came across this beautiful message of gratitude. I have recently helped Stephen and Ondrea create a new multi-media website that offers members access to their teachings, including current video interviews with Stephen and Ondrea. You may access the site here



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