From Seeking to Being

August 05, 2010 By: Miranda Macpherson Category: Mind Body Spirit, Teachings


All the great philosophers and spiritual visionaries throughout the ages have pointed us back towards the eternal font of love within our own heart. This is the universal message. The good news is that to live this is a lot simpler than you think. It is not necessary to try to become a saint. You do not need to perfect yourself or do penance for your shortcomings. You do not necessarily need to renounce sex, become a vegetarian or dress like a hippie, unless these things come naturally. You do not need to do anything to know God, because God is right here within you.

Stop trying, stop reaching, stop searching …

Open … … soften … … widen

Be still and know … …

Rest in God … … in love itself

Invite everything in to that rest … …

This shift is subtle, but quantum – a moving away from spiritual seeking, to being and indwelling. Through my familiarity with the ever-present stillness, in my certainty that you are not your history, your conditioning or your thoughts, I offer a hand of friendship to you in recognizing what is at the core – the grace that is always with you, and is unconditionally accessible right now.

From this contact with essence, we can begin to look with clarity at the problems in life – our personal stories of stress and suffering, whatever their form, and the deeper questions of how to live meaningfully in what seems to be a crazy world. Through bringing everything back to rest in the Source, we can see clearly the dynamics of how we create and nurture our own suffering, and learn to let go. This begins with questioning the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and the way things are, and ceasing to defend our strategies. Meeting what we fear directly, we recognize that what we have been running from does not in truth even exist and what we have been running towards is already here. Aligning with the deeper truth of eternal being, a profound freeing-up occurs, innate wisdom rises and the true way forward finds us.

Embracing deep self-investigation, we begin to see the workings of the ego mind more quickly as they arises in daily life. We become more adept at spotting our self-deception, dropping fearful habits and conditioned responses, just by seeing their lack of reality in truth.

No need to kill off the ego

No internal battle required

Just deep self-honesty and a love of the real

A willingness to see what is always here

From Awakening with Miranda

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