Seasonal Eating, Healing and the Sacred Feminine

December 11, 2010 By: Mary Lane Category: Awakening Feminine, Feminine Wisdom, Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit

I was at a gathering of women the other night. There was a sharing about how it looks and feels for the Sacred Feminine to be showing back up in the world now on a collective and personal level. Each woman shared how she was breaking through in her own life. There was a theme of having to do the shadow work and clean up all the old stuff so she can emerge out of the shadows free from the wounding of a patriarchal era.

We discussed the need to embody the Sacred Feminine in our lives grounded in her Earthly energy. This is where she is needed. This is where she is. She is not just an archetype in another dimension, she is the Earth herself. Her wisdom, and integration of the vastness of the Divine Feminine is who we are returning to, reclaiming, and honoring.

The movement to “save” the Earth is a noble one. However, it is still laced with the flavor of the patriarch. Women are becoming more empowered each generation. The fantasy of being saved by the white knight as we swim in our damsel in distress has become an antiquated fairy tale. It is no longer the desire of women to be saved. We have moved beyond that. We are saving ourselves through honoring ourselves.  We have moved into a recognition that to create balance and union we must have our wisdom honored. We are self similar to the Earth goddess. We are all made up of her very body. It is also true of her.

The Earth is not a damsel in distress waiting to be saved by those who separate themselves from her. It is quite the contrary. If we want to save ourselves we need to honor her wisdom. She is the one that will guide us through and open the door. She is reflecting back to us just how to do this with her seasonal map. All we need to do is pay attention to what she is offering seasonal course by seasonal course.

I have found that healing a collective wound that is carried by us all that keeps us trapped in a belief that we are unworthy runs parallel to nourishing ourselves by this wisdom. When we honor ourselves we honor the Earth, and when we honor the Earth we honor ourselves. The first step is taking the time to nourish ourselves aligned with her wisdom.

This winter has been an enormous gift for myself and many around me to do some deep shadow work. And as true to nature we will rise in spring to give birth to ourselves free from much of the unconscious behaviors from old wounding. Each winter is another opportunity to dive in and heal what we can. I so love how the seasons support us to heal while we nourish ourselves.

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  1. Dearest Mary, thank you for sharing your great wisdom and the reminder that indeed, it is Mother Earth who we are called to honor in order to save ourselves. You are a blessing -


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