Sacred Poetry Contest Fall 2010

September 08, 2010 By: admin Category: Poetry

Touchstones of the Sacred is excited to announce our fall Sacred Poetry Contest! We seek all styles and forms of poetry especially contemplative, introspective, ecstatic poetry and Haiku but there are no limits!

Consulting poet and artist Nora Nickerson will select one outstanding poem and the winning poet will receive a desktop prayer wheel that was handcrafted in Tibet (a $78 value). To enter, send up to 3 poems to by October 31st. Selected poems will be published to our blog and e-newsletter and we invite you to join the fun and share your comments. 

About Nora

Nora Nickerson has a B.A. in Art and her poetry has been published in Laughing Dog, River Poetry Anthology and Michael Palacek’s The Great American Dream. Nora has also been a featured poet in many southern Arizona venues. She has a penchant for exploring philosophy and many spiritual ideologies that has culminated in her own daily meditation practice and spiritual belief system. Her daily intention is to always remember to view the world, humanity and herself through an open mind and heart.

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2 Comments to “Sacred Poetry Contest Fall 2010”

  1. Basho’s Footprint

    Seek what’s been sought by the wise in texts of glowing poetry, in deep-
    singed blues
    in crypt-hewn runes,
    in deepest breath turned inward, surprising miles of memory
    in whispered library words
    by monks solitary
    in solidarity with Muse
    who wanders through all time, e-motion, all need for meaning
    Seek where your living leads
    expecting not, nor pleading for
    rejecting not, nor bleeding for
    with eyes, with mind, with hands

    • Unnikrishnan Atiyodi says:

      Fantastic imagination for memories cannot be measured. Time never ends. No body can find where the end is. The breathing machine continues its work and the drummer in us get thumped up continuously. An endless painting of imagination. Good


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