The Sacred Art of Anointing

May 25, 2010 By: Allison Stillman Category: Mind Body Spirit, Sacred Art

Egyptian Goddess with Lotus

The ancient art of anointing is a sacred ceremony of using oil as a rite, especially for consecration. When we consecrate someone or something, we are devoting our selves with deep solemnity or dedication to the sacred. The definition of the word sacred means to entitle one to veneration by association with Divinity!

Anointing has been practiced for thousands of years as a method for invoking the Divine into our lives, our hearts and our minds. When we anoint ourselves with essential oils as in a sacred ceremony, we are invoking the presence and consecration of the Divine to be a part of our body, mind and spirit.

While we are all familiar with the use of anointing by the Church as in last rites, (a ceremony where the priests use oils to consecrate and bless someone who is preparing to journey out of the body), many are unaware of the extensive use of essential oils for elaborate anointing ceremonies that occurred in the temples of Egypt honoring all great rites of passage.

The ancient Egyptians were extensively schooled in the use of essential oils for rites of passage, and had elaborate anointing ceremonies using a variety of oils to invoke transitions and initiations throughout their lives. They grew aromatic plants in gardens around the temple grounds and offered oils to the Gods, using scent as a means for deep states of meditation and for connecting into the Divine. In fact, many of the pharaohs, Kings and Queens were buried with essential oils to ensure their passage into the Divine.

In a modern day anointing ceremony, we can anoint ourselves with one essential oil, or a blend of several oils. The most important part of an anointing ceremony will always be the intention we put into the oils when blending or concocting an anointing chrism. Some of the oils that have been used historically are frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, rose, and the highly revered lotus oils.  The Bible has scores of references to the power of essential oils when used to anoint the body.

Because essential oils are live plant extracts, they contain electromagnetic energy, and affect us in various ways. They are also perfect conduits for intention and our own conscious declaration for anointing. When we invoke the essence of the Divine into our oils, they then become a holy anointing oil, and whenever we anoint ourselves with the blend, we will feel the blessing of the sacred, the holy and the Divine!

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  1. Hi everyone, Great Website people! and I just want to find out some plants names so I wondered if you could help me?.
    My sister and I are going to get some new plants to grow from seed so we need to know some plants latin names please can you help?


  2. Hello Bess, where are you located? Would be helpful to know where you are to determine what kind of plants to recommend for your area.
    A great place to find latin names is Sunset Garden Books, and even online is a wonderful resource as well.

  3. Hi Allison,

    Loved your post. I can’t wait to learn more. You inspire me into the ancient art of ritual and anointing.

  4. Thank you Celedra, so glad that it brought you inspiration, the oils will do the rest!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!


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