Riding the Wave of Transformation, Part 2

May 17, 2011 By: Mary Lane Category: Mind Body Spirit

The Wisdom of  Nature

The ancient Taoists were aware of the necessity to align with nature and own our place in the web of life. All ancient indigenous cultures lived with this awareness according to their own cultural and environmental surroundings.

The 5 Element System of nutrition and lifestyle is a model of this awareness that gives people a map to live by. The Taoists were taught this model of life, death and transformation by observing nature and receiving her guidance. When we are in alignment with this energetic flow of the natural world we easefully become part of the universal creative energy that flows through all there is. When we are out of alignment we feel cut off, separated and alone resulting in illness on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

The spring season is about giving birth to ourselves and bursting forward through our obstructions becoming more of who we essentially are. If we were to witness what is going on in nature we would notice that the same thing is happening all around us. The seeds that have been dormant, building energy through the winter months are using their life force to burst through the crust of the earth’s surface sprouting into the young version of their full potential. It is important that these seeds have had the time to build their life force in the winter months to have the support to burst forward into their upcoming life. It is a vulnerable time that dictates their survival.

The winter months correlate with our organ system that houses our kidney energy, the seat of our sexual, creative life force energy. When this energy is depleted and we are not in alignment we not only thwart our potential of becoming our essential selves, we deplete ourselves even more using up our life force until we run out, having never lived our full potential.

When the creative energy flows around the yearly cycle it provides the map of transformation one cycle at a time. We build our kidney energy when we go within and rest in the winter. We cleanse and utilize our liver in the spring to remove the toxins that hold us back, supporting us to give birth to ourselves. This creative life force moves outward from our heart in the summer, supporting us to live our potential passionately with great joy. This gives us the capacity to have understanding and compassion, the essential qualities of late summer, flowing into fall – strengthening our ability to value and honor life as sacred and letting go of what does not support this. We then cycle back around to winter, once again going within germinating the seed of our next level of potential for the next year’s cycle. When we embrace each season equally we strengthen and balance these qualities that are within us all the time.

It is easy to see how beneficial an abundance of creative energy can be to ride this yearly wave that transforms us into our essential selves, at one with all there is.

Because whole foods embody this seasonal wisdom it is obvious that the benefits of consuming foods that are close to the source, grown organically and humanely in the same area that we live would be of great benefit in supporting this alignment. This is the foundation of 5 Element nutritional wisdom.



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