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Terence Yallop

Born in England in 1940, Yallop became a junior golf champion who turned pro and became a member of the UK PGA. His fascination with swing mechanics led to his being mentored by and working alongside Europe's leading golf guru, Leslie King. A desire to become super fit for his sport led to a change in focus, as he became London's natural foods pioneer. His new emporium in London's progressive Hampstead area attracted artistic movers and shakers across the spectrum, from India's spiritual leaders to British rock stars, including one who eventually purchased the business. Following this, Yallop went on what he describes as a two-year walkabout, an intense period devoted to addressing physical and spiritual disciplines and studies with a Taoist sage, leading to a decision to move to the United States in 1975.

Once in California, Yallop became a member of the faculty of the fledgling California Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and for several years there and in the Bay Area he gave classes in t'ai chi and Taoist philosophy. Ahead of the curve as always, Yallop was aware that the time was ripe for a new kind of music to emerge and began to make connections with the talented musicians he perceived were creating the best of it.

Out of a desire to share this exciting new music with as many people as possible, he began promoting concerts for now internationally prominent artists that included Kitaro, Yanni and Andreas Vollenweider, who heralded the new genre. In 1980, he formed a record distribution company called Real to Reel and shortly thereafter began signing artists and releasing albums on his Real Music label. With millions of the label's CDs now continuously playing, 24/7, around the world, Yallop has certainly contributed to setting a tone for awakening and healing. His public speaking engagements draw from his own considerable experience in the worlds of business and spirit, often including guided meditations and anecdotes both entertaining and poignantly touching.

Although well-versed in the understanding of the physiological impact certain kinds of music have upon the body, a great number of years deeply immersed within the music and the subtle balance of movement and stillness attained from extensive practice of t'ai chi have given Yallop an understanding of the rhythm of the heart beyond that which is measurable. His ability to sequence beautiful albums for maximum benefit is highly regarded among both listeners and peers. His talent is in increasing demand in the often-stressful corporate world and for creating music capturing the unique ambience of some of the world's most luxurious resorts and spas.

Caring for the World We Share
In 1989, Yallop formed the non-profit EarthSea Institute to promote global environmental awareness and support organizations involved in protecting and preserving our precious shared resources. Donations from sales of the albums Polar Shift, Cousteau's Dream and other special collections, including The National Parks Series™ and Freedom to Love, have, to date, contributed more than a million dollars to environmental and other charitable organizations.

Website: http://www.realmusic.com


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