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Debra Chamberlin-Taylor and George Taylor

Debra Chamberlin-Taylor and George Taylor are both psychotherapists also certified in breathwork and movement therapies. Married for 20 years, they have taught the art and practice of conscious relationship throughout the U.S. for 15 years. Debra has led workshops combining psychological and spiritual growth for 25 years, and teaches mediation nationally with Jack Kornfield. George is a national leader in the men's community movement and author of Talking With Our Brothers, about using group work to create better relationships. Creativity, meditation, and humor are major parts of his spiritual path.

Website: http://www.couragetolove.com


Workshops: For complete listing go to: http://www.couragetolove.com/schedule.htm

Hawaii Couples Retreat
Includes Sacred Sexuality

October 2-10, 2010

A couple can share a physically, emotionally and spiritually passionate life, filled with vitality and the joy of co-creating dreams that come true. At this eight-day retreat, we will offer teachings and practices for retrieving and sustaining the fire of love and creativity. Of course we'll have poetry, laughter, and leisurely afternoons at the beach.

Call (415) 258-9513 for prerequisite information.

An eight day residential. Program, food and lodging cost: To be determined

Contact George at
415-258-9516 or e-mail at geotaylor08@gmail.com

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