Raw food, P90X and Meditation

April 19, 2010 By: celedra Category: Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food

I love Tony Horton and I love what he has created.  There is something about his P90X workout that has inspired thousands of people, including me, to work our butts off (literally) every day for at least 60 minutes – and love it!  This week my favorite is Kenpo – so much fun.

Time.  It takes time to tend to our body, mind, spirit. Long ago I read a quote that said something like, “instead of letting time take me, I will take time”.  It’s kind of crazy really.  If we don’t take the time to prepare the best food, exercise our bodies and cultivate the true nature of mind ie. find inner peace, then we’re probably not going to live a long and vibrant life.

We must make the choice minute to minute , day to daydo I get caught up in the continual bombardment of external stimuli or do I slow down, take time, and enrich my body, my heart, my soul? My commitment to the daily practice of mindful eating (raw food),  exercise and meditation helps me make the choice minute after minute, day after day.

The really amazing thing is the realization that I live in the time, place and circumstances that I have this choice.  To be able to go to a farmer’s market for organic food, to have the time and healthy body to work out daily, and most importantly, to know the dharma – these are the greatest gifts for which I am deeply grateful.  Who, then, am I to turn my back on these sacred offerings?

And to all beings I pray:

May you be happy
May you be free from suffering
May you have love in your hearts
May you have food in the belly
May you find peace.

Love and blessings,


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