Poem of Reflection: The Feminine Face of God

August 27, 2009 By: Nora Nickerson Category: Poetry, Sacred Spirit Book Club

Timeless Woman

Last night in the silence
my questions were answered
alone, lying in a darkened meadow
under the indifference of the starry sky
It seems the universe refuses to be categorized
laughs when we try to measure Her
No ending or beginning
from big bang of nothingness
into atoms with electrons, planets with moons
Neutrinos from nowhere
passing through brain casing and soul
Energy, invisible and everywhere
in the beating of hummingbird’s heart
cracking of seed, exploding star
I wonder if ancient woman lying under night sky
knew her mysterious feeling
was the omniscient presence of timeless woman.

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1 Comments to “Poem of Reflection: The Feminine Face of God”

  1. Thank you for this breathtakingly beautiful poem! My heart thrilled in recognition of the sacred feminine in your words.


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