ME2 Challenge Diary – Overcoming Obstacles

September 10, 2009 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit

This week my commitment to the ME2 Challenge and my greater commitment to living the Challenge as a lifestyle has been tested! Now I am happy to be emerging on the other side with a stronger sense of commitment as well as more focused intention.


Here I want to share what helped me stay on track. By sharing my experiences I hope that any others in our community facing the seduction of inertia, an overwhelming schedule, a hormonal roller coaster or whatever seemingly good excuse not to meditate, exercise and eat mindfully might also maintain their commitment.

Planning Ahead

At the beginning of a lifestyle change like the ME2 Challenge or some other commitment to self care, take the time to identify likely scenarios that may test your commitment and come up with some strategies to overcome those obstacles should they arise. For myself I know that times come when I don?t want to exercise alone or I feel anxious and unwilling to sit down and meditate. Also when I have PMS I often have a very difficult time focusing and holding my intentions in mind. Being prepared with strategies and simple solutions to draw upon when stress/hormones/life have you in a compromised state can go a long way toward solidifying your dedication to your goals.


By practicing meditation every day, exercising every day and eating mindfully every day you will soon find that skipping even one day will leave you feeling out of sorts. Because I have pushed through the excuses before and exercised nearly every day this summer my body, mind and spirit now crave it. This made it so much easier when a bad bout of PMS came my way. I wanted to exercise. Also, by respecting the fact that my energy was lower than usual, the lower impact exercises I chose were replenishing and I looked forward to doing it again the next day.

Self Connection

Reflecting on the last several days I see that I relied heavily on the strength of my relationship with myself. By actively cultivating a loving relationship with yourself you will naturally be more committed to your own success and be better equipped to see yourself through rough patches. Each time I decided to eat raw broccoli and hummus for lunch to balance my hormones and each time I made it to the pool despite wanting to just read in bed I trusted myself to make the same decision again next time. I find that journaling, meditation and regular periods of solitude are all activities that allow me to connect with myself and the sacred.

Whatever unique challenges your life presents, remember that the ME2 Challenge is is a call to take the time, every day, to remember our selves, despite the busyness and demands of life.

And by taking care of your body, mind and spirit, you affirm the sacredness of your being, which is the source of generosity, love and compassion.

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