New Mandalas from Eileen Bradley

June 03, 2010 By: admin Category: Sacred Art

Happiness Runs Mandala by Eileen Bradley

Happiness Runs

Eileen Bradley is a visionary artist whose passion is creating mandalas. Mandalas can be usedas a tool to aid meditation or impart spiritual teachings or simply to adorn your space with sacred and inspiring imagery. Eileen joined our Sacred Art Gallery earlier this spring and we are so excited to share 6 new images with you!

Eileen says:

Gazing upon a mandala has the extraordinary ability to quiet our minds and to help us connect to our hearts.  Used for centering and contemplation, the mandala can provide a sense of inner peace and becomes a visual resting place for the soul.

Journey Home Mandala by Eileen Bradley

Journey Home

When creating a mandala, I begin my meditation by asking for the vision of a mandala to come through me. The colors, patterns, and arrangements begin to emerge in my mind’s eye.  And from that single quiet moment when the image first appears, to its transformation into a painting, I am a witness to the creation of a portal to the divine.

To see more of Eileen’s mandalas visit her page here.

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