My Green Drink Just Got Better

November 22, 2010 By: celedra Category: Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food

I’m here in Fort Lauderdale helping my brother recuperate from knee replacement surgery. How amazing that they just go in, make an 8 inch incision and insert a new titanium knee. He is 4 days post -op and already walking a mile. Do I dare say he is feeling so good because he’s been drinking a super green drink every morning and, yes, eating kale salad for lunch? Who knows.

I do know this – the neighbors have started asking for a taste and, one by one, asking for the recipe. Do we intuitively want more because it tastes so good (dubious) or because we innately feel so good after we drink it? Of course, I both love it AND feel great after drinking it.

So here it is:

Green drink with Kefir

a bunch of kale, stems removed

a bunch of dandelion leaves, spinich, parsley, chard or other greens

a cucumber

a bunch of chopped ginger

enough frozen organic blueberries to make it delicious

Possibilities to add:

hemp protein powder

aloe vera juice

macca – so wonderful!!!!

coconut oil (I grind it right off in chunks)


marine phytoplankton

Blend the above in a blender, add water. Pour into a glass 3/4 full, then add your favorite flavor of Kefir and stir.


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2 Comments to “My Green Drink Just Got Better”

  1. Brandon says:

    Thanks for the great recipe. Your Green Drink has received ravs by many people I know.

  2. Brandon, a great addition is to mix 3/4 green drink with 1/4 of your favorite flavor of organic kefer. So rich and delicious and all those probiotics. Yummmmmy!


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