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April 01, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Awakening Feminine, Feminine Wisdom, Teachers

Miranda Macpherson is a spiritual teacher, counselor and author of the spiritual guidebook Boundless Love. She began her spiritual path at the age of thirteen after a powerful initial awakening. Miranda has been teaching internationally since 1995 and is known for her depth of presence, clarity, and refined capacity to guide people into direct experience of the sacred.

Miranda’s spiritual training began in her teen years and she has written and taught extensively on these areas of study internationally. In her twenties, Miranda completed seminary training in which she studied the world’s spiritual traditions, their distinctions and the universal thread than runs through them all. She was ordained an interfaith minister in 1995 in New York. A year later, she founded the ground breaking educational organization The Interfaith Seminary in London, where she was spiritual director for a decade.

In her thirties, Miranda was graced by a profound nondual awakening in the cave of Ramana Maharshi in India. This silent transmission of pure being beyond mind had a lasting impact on her awareness and changed the orientation of her life and teaching. She is currently launching The Feminine Wisdom School a new one-year program with Lama Palden and Sherry Anderson.

Miranda is based in the San Fransisco bay area, and is writing a book on embodied awakening. To read more about Miranda’s extensive background, training and work please visit her page in our Sacred Living Resource Directory. In Miranda’s video exclusive to our site, she discusses her own awakening, Arising out of the Ego Into Boundless Love, The Five Pillars of Awakening, Courage to Trust and more. To view click here.

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