Mindfulness & Gratitude: A Lovely Pairing

May 26, 2010 By: celedra Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Teachings

Loquats and Mountain Bird

This morning I heard a serenade of bird songs as I strolled through a garden with my grandson.  I imagined that they were speaking some universal language that this preconditioned mind of mine had long lost the capacity to understand.  But I knew, if I could understand, their message would break open my heart with a celebration of beauty and joy.

I made the intention to listen – all day. And all day the birds sang to me (and of course to anyone else who happened to be listening).  It’s the ‘happening to be listening’ part that obviously makes such a difference!  We could say, ‘happening to be listening, feeling, seeing etc’.  It is mind boggling that so much is here for us all the time, things that would make us weep with joy, laugh with delight, cry with sorrow, burst open with awe – but never notice.  Probably too busy texting, or on the phone (yes, I’m speaking for myself).

Gratitude makes life expansive. It seems to multiply on itself.  Gratitude for this day, gratitude for the warmth of my tea,  running water for my toothbrush, that I have a choice of shoes to wear and this healthy body and, before you know it, gratitude is everywhere – but only as long as I am present.  Did you ever notice that once you get in your head, you’re not here anymore?  Tricky.

I pray to be present.
I pray to take in the lavish abundance of this life, of nature, poetry, art, people, colors, tastes, smells, sounds, feelings, music, love.  I pray to take time, instead of time taking me.  To deepen into each moment instead of skimming across each moment.  I pray for all beings everywhere to be free from suffering and to have the privilege, as I do, to be grateful.

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