Mindfulness: A Beautiful Life

June 11, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit

The Guardian by Marina Petro

It’s too easy to identify with “being busy” – don’t we all use this phrase at least daily?  When we say this what do we really mean?

We feel we have too much to do and our experience of life is overwhelmed by activities, thoughts, and limited perceptions about time. Often what we need is a spacious moment to step back from all the things we are busy with and come home to ourselves.

One way to create a beautiful spacious moment for yourself is to mindfully cultivate an eye for beauty. It is all around us and I find it’s one of the best ways to cut through the buzzing tunnel vision of “I’m too busy”. We all have varying tolerances for the usual demands of daily life. When we pay attention to the things that stress us out as well as the things that soothe and relax us we are one step closer to joy; we are making space for it in our lives.

Take a Beauty Break

The joy that I experience in nature is tremendously nourishing. After several hours at my computer my favorite break-time ritual is to stretch my body while a pot of tea steeps. I take a fragrant, steaming mug into my garden and walk slowly with wide open senses visiting all the plants and creatures that inhabit this patch of land with me. I delight in the wild tangle of nature that grows along the periphery of my slightly-less-wild flower and vegetable beds and return to my work with more focus and creativity.

Beauty is a breath of fresh air that sweeps open the door to possibility. Surrounding ourselves with sacred art or listening to sacred music is another way to cut through the narrow-eyed gaze of “busyness” and connect with the timeless flow of being.

How do you connect to beauty?

Whatever it is that inspires you, settles your heart, and captures your imagination is a good place to start.

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