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January 21, 2010 By: Julie Clayton Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit

The Great Field: Soul at Play in a Conscious Universe
By John James, PhD

West Grinstead Publications

The Great Field is a hopeful evolutionary story about the place of the human soul within a vast, energetic universe. Far from being new, it is a perpetual story that we already know, but one that continually evolves as consciousness changes and the human story unfolds. The author presents an absorbing and original investigation into a unified theory: the Great Field. He describes it as a limitless field of energy from which everything has been created and within which everything exists. As a transpersonal psychotherapist, James’ intention is to explore the power of the personal field of energy we call “soul,” within this immense domain.

In the latter half of the book the author draws from twenty years of therapeutic practice to describe his experiences of working with clients from this paradigm: therapy becomes “transformation,” and healing occurs in the deeper fields of vibration that form our psyche. Accepting and experiencing what lives beyond the physical senses can “help to clarify all creation and give meaning to the conflicts that so damages our species,” James optimistically concludes. Writing with an innovative synthesis of scientific evidence, cultural wisdom, spiritual truth, and therapeutic data, The Great Field pioneers an original vision of human potential.

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