The Mantra-Mala Connection

September 15, 2009 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Mantra, Malas, Meditation, Mind Body Spirit

As unexpected blessings in life tend to, my involvement with Celedra and Touchstones of the Sacred seemed to blossom from out of nowhere and my gratitude for this endeavor in my life is profound.

a lovely day in my office

a lovely day in my office

In addition to writing for Touchstones of the Sacred, I am also involved in marketing and sales aspects of Celedra LLC. Whenever I visit a retailer and open my sample kit of malas it feels like I am opening a treasure chest of sacred objects, which in fact I am! There is a palpable energy that the malas, both gemstone and wood emit. A gentle wash of awe and lightness seems to descend over myself and any store personnel as we handle each mala and discuss their magnetic beauty.

Knowing the amazing story behind these malas and the true love and excitement that each person involved has for the operation, it is easy for me to understand where this comes from. Not to diminish the healing and empowering energies that are inherent in the materials – for that is another essential element to their transformative power. Needless to say, I’ve been using the malas myself in my daily meditation and I am both intrigued and delighted by the powerful mantra-mala connection that I’ve noticed after several months of practice.

Words are immensely powerful. If you have ever taken the time to observe your thoughts you may find yourself shocked at the tape that seems to be on repeat 24/7; worries, agitations and negativity that can become a fixture in the landscape of your mind. What we tell ourselves throughout the day becomes our reality, as those thoughts (whether they are words, feelings, images etc) help form our lens of perception. One way mantra recitation promotes positive change is by replacing the negative or undesired thought tape (and accompanying negative energy/emotions) with the powerful energy behind an empowering mantra. Even if you are not struggling with negative thought patterns, daily meditation (especially mantra recitation) can help you further cultivate and amplify existing positive emotions and intentions.

Choosing a mantra is something that can happen spontaneously or you can set out on a deliberate search to find the perfect one. A spiritual teacher may also give you a mantra to work with. The malas I’ve been practicing with came with mantras that corresponded to the properties of their gemstones. I also sought out a mantra infused with the energies of the Green Tara goddess and I use a sandalwood mala when reciting that mantra.

The power of specific gemstones and other materials is something else than can guide you toward a mantra. One morning after I had been working with the Smoky Quartz and Garnet mala for many weeks I felt I had greatly benefited from the mantra (I am grounded, guided and confident) and intuited that there was a different energy for me to work with now. The energy of the blue lace agate stone called to me and so I began meditating with its corresponding mantra (I am peaceful, present and open). Whether you handle or meditate upon the stones themselves, or their energetic properties, you may find a strong resonance with one. When practicing with my gemstone malas I envision drawing up the energy of the stones (including color, texture and other images), drinking it in through my fingertips. Also whenever I write about Celedra’s malas, I like to handle them and even surround myself with them for a few minutes – the sense of calm and purpose they emit is a great creative boost.

The Power of intention is another essential element in the mantra-mala connection. Both malas and mantras serve as an anchor of attention during meditation practice. By wearing a mala either around the wrist or neck, it is a constant reminder of your spiritual practice, making it a powerful tool you can access at any time. With each repetition of the mantra, body, mind and spirit absorb the meaning of the words and the mala itself becomes infused with the intention of your practice. So set your intention and make the commitment, with daily practice mantra recitation helps awaken into our true nature of peace, compassion and joy!

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