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June 13, 2009 By: admin Category: Living with Intention, Mantra, Malas, Meditation, Mind Body Spirit, Teachings, Tibet

Living with intention

Connecting with and honoring our selves despite the many demands of everyday life is a fundamental part of living with intention. Daily personal practice that engages body, mind and spirit connects you to the sacred and affirms your intentions.

Our Mission

The mission of Touchstones of the Sacred is to create and nurture community while providing tools, resources and diverse paths to explore along your own sacred journey of intentional living.

Creating interactive community

Much more than the average blog, Touchstones of the Sacred is an interactive community of resources and inspiration, a forum to exchange teachings and share in the journey of intentional living and sacred connection with others.
When we live in touch with the sacred we live in a state of gratitude for all that we are blessed with. Our deepest intention is to serve you in touching the peace, joy and fulfillment that is within each one of us – the source of all gratitude and compassion.

Cottage Industry in Tibet

Among our greatest inspirations are the Nangchun Nuns of Tibet. We are passionate about helping sustain these extremely impoverished women whose life work is to pray for the blessings of all beings. The nuns are supported through our non-profit cottage industry Tara Malas and 5% of Celedra profits are donated to the nuns.

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3 Comments to “Touchstones of the Sacred”

  1. Chelsea Bush says:

    I stumbled upon this website this morning through pure sychronicity! I was doing my morning Power Deck (that I also stumbled upon this past weekend), and came across the card “Truth”. On the card is a painting entitled “Touchstones of Eternity”. I decided to Google it and see where it would take me, and to my surprise and delight here I am. I am right now on the journey of finding my true self and sacred lodge within. I am intrigued by this website and am excited to see where it takes me. Thank you to all for making this world a better place!
    Love Always,


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