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February 11, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit

Too often I find that my mind is dancing in anxious mincing steps, a useless and distracting chatter of 20,000 questions, what-ifs, to-dos, don’t forgets and should I? Do I want to? Do I have to?

This has got me thinking about what it takes to be at the helm of my life. When I think of the source of calm, creativity, and balance within me, I picture a room with smooth sunlit floors – an expanse of dark chestnut wood, worn to a waxy sheen with the passing of eons. Here in my inner sanctum is pure, clear space and I have no need of a table or chair, pen, computer or even a glass of water. Here it’s all really, truly OK.

So that feeling of inner peace, of needing nothing but what is already within, how do I access it, nourish it, practice it, embody it, live from it? It is up to me to choose, yet how exactly do I make the choice? My contemplation, experience and study have led me to this:

First it is essential to identify your intention as vividly as possible. Take the time to craft this vision so that you focus your intention on a clear target.

Return to this vision again and again as daily practice. By doing this you reprogram your thoughts and begin to align the entire vibration of your being with your intention.

Build a collection of cues and anchors that remind you of your intention. A mental picture, an affirmation or prayer, a piece of sacred jewelry, art or music, or some other ritual or charm that you can return to again and again.

Perhaps most important of all, enjoy your successes no matter how small. It seems inevitable to fall short of perfection, but we are cheating ourselves if we don’t appreciate and savor progress.

om mani padme hum

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