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Fairy Land by E.R. Frampton

As she showers her love over me, her strawberry blond hair blows in the late night wind. The fairy seems to glow with beauty. Her baby face is only ever seen with a smile on it. Her name is one spoken with only love and gratitude. Her name is Lyeda, though most call her Queen.

I first met Lyeda when I discovered an orange journal with hand made paper in it signed from Lyeda.  It had a note in it from her explaining how she was my guardian angel and that we could write back and forth in our magical diary.  I was beside myself with excitement and joy.

Since then I have heard amazing stories of the fairies, angels and Buddhas.  I have heard the thoughts and feelings of the wonderful invisible creatures flying above us.  We talk about friendship and love. I pray for her every night, and when I get in bed, I can hear her praying back.  I am never scared and I always feel protected. That is what my guardian angel is for,

When I think of Lyeda, a smile forms on my face.  A smile that touches your eyes.  When I am sad, I close my eyes and open my heart, and I swear that I can feel sprinkles of love and kindness falling on me.

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6 Comments to “Lyeda”

  1. Hi Samantha,

    That was beautiful what you wrote about Lyeda. I remember when you found the orange journal in the back yard.
    Now I know of one more of your many talents….writing!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!
    I hope you and your family are doing well. I am loving living in Santa Barbara, this is my magical place!!!!!!!

    Take care,
    Denise Johnson

    • Hi Denise!!
      It is amazing hearing from you! I miss you so much and am super glad you liked my blog! I am glad you like Santa Barbrara. You are so amazing!!
      Miss you,

  2. Samantha,
    Thank you for your beautiful words. Your loving heart comes pouring through.
    You are a wonderful writer!
    Celedra aka LaLa

  3. Sami! What I love the most about your beautiful story of Lyeda is the magic and mystery! And what it says to me is that unfathomable beauty and love come to us if we open our eyes and notice the subtleties of life like the whispering in the wind, the sunlight coming through trees that sparkle and brighten our day. But this takes an open and trusting heart and not everyone has that. You most definitely do! and so stories like yours are very important for all to read. . .to remind us that we are always loved and held in divine arms. . .for you beautiful it is your beautiful Lyeda! Thank you for writing this! Love, Nora

  4. Dear Samantha,
    thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us. Poetry, love, joy and magic shine through in your words and after reading about Lyeda I too felt sprinkles of love and kindness.


  5. Porter Weldon says:

    Dearest Samantha,

    Such beauty! Thank you for the story of Lyeda, a delightful reminder for us all to remember our own inner guidance. I also enjoyed sharing with you my stories of the Buddhas.
    I look forward to your future writings.
    All my Love,

    Porter AKA Po


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