Life’s Trump Card

September 28, 2011 By: Michael Nagel Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Teachings

Imagine you’re playing a card game. A very unusual card game. Matter of fact, it’s a game you play every day. It’s called, “Life”. Every day, you’re dealt the cards of your life situation. Every day the same other player wins. Here’s today’s play.

The cards are dealt: today’s life situation.

The first player throws out a judgment. “It shouldn’t be like this!”

The next player tosses in an expectation. “I’m disappointed.”

The third player slams down an argument. “Dammit, that pisses me off.”

Still another player offers a preference. “I don’t like that.”

Another plays a feeling. “That makes me feel sad.”

Yet another confidently plays a belief. “The Book promises I’ll be saved from this.”

The final player pushes a card out, face down. Slowly he turns the card over. It reads, “What is.” He reaches out, and gathers everyone’s chips, just as he does day after day.

Like it or not, what is trumps everything. You can’t beat it, but you can split the winnings by learning to accept the present moment as it is.


Do you want to bet against what is?


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2 Comments to “Life’s Trump Card”

  1. There’s no winning against what is. It’s so much easier to accept life’s experiences and be present than to waste energy struggling. Great post. Thank you.

  2. Hmm, bet against What Is? Well, this set me off thinking. What kind of card would lead me to bet against What Is?

    How about What Might Be? I let this image float in my mind for a few minutes, and I saw pictured a kind of stand-off between the two cards. We put the cards on the table and had to draw again to see who would “win”.

    I draw some ideal or dream of what might be.

    He draws a picture of what is, slightly altered from his previous card.

    I draw an image of what might be, now a little bit closer to coming to reality.

    His card is slightly altered again, towards the image of what might be.

    Finally, we both draw a card with the same image on it.

    What is and What might be have come together in a fruitful balance.

    Hmm, is this the corniest thing you’ve ever heard of? Or something rich and helpful? I don’t honestly know!



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