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July 14, 2010 By: Matsya Siosal Category: Living with Intention, Mind Body Spirit, Raw Food


photo by Matsya Siosal

If you are on a spiritual path you have, or likely will, examine what, when, and how you eat and question whether or not it serves your highest intentions. Intuition, facts, experience and other information can be used to arrive at a way of eating that is both joyful and health-promoting.

Within minutes of eating something it is being broken down by your highly efficient digestive system and the various elements of the food are making their way through every cell of your body. It’s not just a simple in-one-end-and-out-the-other kind of process. What we eat becomes what we are, so why not eat the most vibrant and natural foods possible?

When we nourish ourselves in a way that directly connects us to nature we align our highest physical,  mental and spiritual aspirations and are likely to find the sense of struggle around eating give way to ease.

More and more people are experiencing the uplifting, balancing and rejuvenating benefits of a high-raw plant-based diet.  A plant-based diet not only provides us with abundant energy, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, amino acids and other essential nutrients, but it is easiest on our environment and is the only truly compassionate way to eat.  We honor the sacredness of all beings – ourselves and the animals – when we choose to eat from the plant kingdom.

As I write I’m sipping my daily green superfood smoothie. Today it’s an invigorating and spicy-sweet blend of kale, ginger,  orange juice, mango, banana, hemp seeds, maca and MSM.  With each sip of this potent meal I can feel my cells activating, opening and welcoming all the healing and life-force giving nutrients.  With gratitude I reflect upon how this meal all came together: picking the kale from a dear friend’s garden last weekend; riding my bike on a hot sunny day to the co-op for the hemp seeds and maca; and taking the time to lovingly peel, slice and freeze the bananas and mangoes in my bright, window-filled kitchen.

Three times each day we all eat. That’s three opportunities to choose food that promotes vibrance, compassion, and energy. Three opportunities to offer a prayer of gratitude for the simple perfection of nature. Make each meal a celebration of life itself and watch the very foundation of your own life begin to shift toward strength, vitality, ease and joy!

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  1. Love your site! I recently began my own blog called The Joyful Eater! I’ll share your link, as we’re sharing the same message! Blessings to you….


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