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Gratitude is a magnificent word. Daily, it appears on the breeze of my dreams’ finales like a gentle alarm alerting me to the waking hour. Taking a few moments to silently list what I am thankful for is the origin of my day. The inventory is extensive naturally, but mainly the beneficiaries of my grateful register are family and friends. Gratitude has immense power. Similar to the motion of a bird’s wings in flight, it lifts the energy of thanks to realms we cannot touch with our human hands.


While some claim pseudoscience at work, Masaru Emoto’s studies of positive intention on the structure of water are compelling. His work reveals that music, prayer and the words — love and gratitude — produce beautifully shaped water crystals. While emphasizing he is not a scientist, nor the studies “double blind,” Emoto has nevertheless opened our eyes to the possibility we can have profound effect — in this case on water, one of humans? most essential needs. The notion that basic H20 can be appreciated enough to form symmetrical, snowflake-like shapes when frozen is extraordinary. Imagine the myriad other possibilities!

Last weekend I spent time at the ocean. That magnitude of power covering much of our earth always gives me pause. I am humbled by its lifeforce and grandeur. I am also thoroughly aware of the destructiveness of this massive body of water. Arriving on the shores for a first walk Saturday afternoon, was surprising, and yet a bit disturbing. The mid-tide beach was blanketed with mounds of foam. Not ocean spray or even high tide churning foam — this was washer-overflow foam. Its constitution was dense, gelatinous and unremitting. With each audible wave lap, foam mounted foam creating low walls of sand tainted bubbles. While the seafoam seemed a thoughtful enigma, the suspicion that it was also damaging due to human thought, motive and avarice stirred my conscience. A friend recounting an article she’d read recently about toxic foam interrupting the protective makeup of seabirds’ feathers, confirmed my wariness.

Rumi said “You’re looking for the Pearl? Plunge, now to the sea’s bottom. What’s on the shore is only foam.” The best intentions often lie in the depths of our souls, waiting to be shaped and presented, gifted. A daily practice of thankfulness is not merely rote action. Perhaps those utterances shepherd power to dreams, change and healing. While realist enough to understand our humanity is a mix of shadow and light, I also recognize when humbly offering love and gratitude, space is opened to the miraculous.

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4 Comments to “Intention”

  1. I loved this piece on gratitude. Thank you, dear friend, for your insights.

  2. thank you, holly. YOU have been a part of my grateful register
    for a long, long while.

  3. Wow! your words are powerful. Thank you for the art and movement. You enrich my life.

  4. the enrichment is reciprocal, marybeth. thank YOU.


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